New design, new journey, double feather wooden doo

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New design ・ new journey, Shuangyu wooden door makes a new debut at the Shanghai Construction Expo. From March 26 to 28, I met Shuangyu up+...

modern and gorgeous city

bizarre City

busy traffic, dreamy neon

the magic of this city is real and clear

Shuangyu 2019, magic city goes to the sea

new fashion, About to open


new design ・ new journey

double feather wooden door makes a new debut at Shanghai Construction Expo

on March 26-28, I met double feather up+

double feather wooden door & 2019 China Construction Expo (Shanghai)

time: 2019.03.26 - 03.28

location: Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center

booth number: 3.1c106

- product upgrade -

product up +

wooden door + light package

comprehensive upgrade of product matrix

stunning appearance of new design style

- quality upgrade -

quality up +

better material selection

higher production process, Better process control

2019 Shuangyu quality to a new height

- wealth upgrade -

wealth up+

get through online and offline marketing new map

break through 500+ first-line stores

share the market of hundreds of billions, Nuggets wealth's future

new opportunities are at hand

enter the national market together with Shuangyu

move towards a new journey of big business strategy

fashionista, Shanghai.See you




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