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For sofas, the living room is their stage. According to the size of the living room space, choosing the appropriate sofa style and size can not only improve the overall atmosphere of the living room, but also give the sofa an excellent space to show its charm. Therefore, when you decorate the living room, you must first understand the size of the living room, and choose your favorite sofa through the size of the living room, so as to maximize the benefits of the space. It's no use talking in vain. Let's talk with actual cases

● living room area: 27 ㎡

● sofa back wall (CM):579cm

● sofa size (CM):w320xd100cm

when decorating the living room, what should I do if I choose my favorite sofa and can't fit against the wall? This case is selected according to the size of the living room. With the size of three seats, putting one piece of space and two pieces will exceed the size of the back wall. After many discussions, we choose to use two modules, which are placed in a V-shape facing the TV wall, so that the living room has a sense of concentration and the visual effect is more layered

the sofa selected has a high back shape, a special leather design on the side, and a light and simple base line, presenting a conflict aesthetic feeling that is both elegant and luxurious and smart, which can create an extremely distinctive mark for the space

● living room area: 30 ㎡

● sofa back wall (CM):576.5cm

● sofa size (CM):w358xd228cm

if you want to create a luxurious living room atmosphere, you must choose a large sofa! The decoration design style of the living room in this case is classical and luxurious. In the large space living room, I want to choose a sofa that can foil the living room. After several selections, I choose a large L-shaped sofa that integrates comfort and function. The light earth color system of leather adds a warm and saturated feeling to the living room

the prominent goose feather waist pillow design of this sofa allows the waist to be fully supported, and the cushion is soft and hard, which is quite suitable for people of all ages. The wide and thickened armrest allows both hands to be placed comfortably. The chair feet are cut with metal and iron pieces, and the combination of different materials creates a level, embellishing a fashionable and modern atmosphere

● living room area: 33 ㎡

● sofa back wall (CM):520cm

● sofa size (CM):w215cmxd105cm

the living room is square. If L-shaped sofa is selected, the space is easy to produce a sense of oppression. Selecting large one-sided module is too standardized. Therefore, it was finally decided to place two groups of three person sofas side by side, almost the same width as the sofa wall, and there is a small space next to it. You can consider placing a small coffee table

if you want to reduce the pressure of space and bring some changes, you might as well use the mode of module splicing like the owner of the house to create a novel mirror effect

● living room area: 40 ㎡

● sofa back wall (CM):679cm

● sofa size (CM):w410cmxd278cm

when there are many family members and they often need to receive guests, the principle of choosing sofas by this homeowner is absolutely worth referring to! Because the width of the back wall of the sofa is large enough, the large-size L-shaped sofa can better present a magnificent home atmosphere. When guests visit, the focus can also be placed on the sofa. It is quite suitable for staying in the living room to taste wine, chat, watch movies, and even celebrate

the ivory sofa is selected to add a bit of modern and classical flavor to the space, and the elegant texture is interpreted in a very good place. The thick and full comfortable sitting feeling of the sofa can definitely make the owner feel comfortable and relaxed

through these cases of sofa placement in living room decoration, we can clearly see that the sofa size and the width of the main wall are accurate, and the visual proportion will naturally be quite beautiful! To sum up, the size of the sofa accounts for about two-thirds of the width of the main wall. Through different combinations, the changes have different feelings. Is your sofa the right size





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