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Attention to second-hand house decoration VI

many people think that after buying a second-hand house, as long as they spend some money to redecorate the house, it will be almost as good as a new one. But if you choose an old house with a long age, you should pay special attention to the decoration of the house to avoid many problems in future life. A friend who bought a second-hand house nearby didn't know much about the structure and material of the house he bought, resulting in cracks in the wall less than a year after the decoration. In order to avoid these problems, let's take a look at the problems that should be paid attention to in the decoration of second-hand houses

1. Do a closed water test for the bathroom

before decorating a second-hand house, first ask the decorator to conduct a closed water test for the bathroom to check how the previous waterproof treatment is done

the method is: block the floor drain, put 5cm of water in the bathroom, observe for 24 hours, and then go to the downstairs neighbor's house to check. If there is no water leakage, it proves that the waterproof treatment is done well; If there is water leakage, the property must be asked to do waterproof treatment again. After the waterproof treatment, wait until the ground is completely dry, and then paste tiles, otherwise the ground will crack

2. Treatment of water and circuit transformation. Water and circuit transformation is one of the most complex projects of old house transformation.

before decoration, carefully check whether the original waterways and heating pipelines are corroded and aging. The water supply pipe of the old house may be the galvanized pipe that has been eliminated, because the galvanized pipe is harmful to human health and has been banned by the Ministry of construction. If the original pipeline is galvanized pipe, it is best to replace it with copper pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe or PP-R pipe

nowadays, in waterway reconstruction, people use more RiFeng pipes with 50 year quality assurance. After the completion of all waterway reconstruction, it is necessary to ensure that the pipeline is reasonable, closely connected, free of running, dripping and leakage, and free of illegal removal

in terms of circuit transformation, if the old house uses aluminum wire, it must be removed. There are many modern household appliances. According to the national standard, 2.5mm copper wire must be used in the decoration, while for the installation of high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioners, the line of 4 mm2 should be taken alone. PVC insulated pipes must be used when embedding wires into the wall

3. Painting the wall, priming is the key

the wall of the old house will crack and peel off, so when decorating the wall, we must pay attention to the basic treatment. Generally, a good decoration company will apply the interface agent after the wall is leveled. The interface agent has the function of moisture-proof, and can also protect the latex paint. Next, apply putty, and the putty paste should use waterproof oil putty, Putty generally needs to be scraped three times, and finally latex paint is applied

if you want to paint the wall with color, you should apply primer accordingly

4. Replace aluminum alloy or plastic steel doors and windows

wooden doors and windows. If there is no deformation or cracking, it means that the material is very good. You can stick decorative plates and paint them during decoration and continue to use them; If the wooden doors and windows have been deformed, they should be removed and remade

for iron doors and windows, if the paint on the surface has fallen off or the main body has cracked, it is recommended to remove it and replace it with aluminum alloy or plastic steel. Because these two kinds of doors and windows can play the role of sealing, sound insulation and heat insulation

5. Add essential switches and sockets

nowadays, with more and more electrical appliances used in families, lighting equipment is also becoming more and more colorful, so there are many places where switches and sockets need to be placed. Then, before decoration, wiring work should be done well in advance, and planning should be done in advance for what places need to be placed in the future. However, the reserved switches and sockets in old houses are generally not enough

generally speaking, a room should be equipped with at least 3 sockets, and the number of sockets in a two bedroom residence should be no less than 15, and the number of switches should be no less than 8. The switch height of the same room should be the same. Generally, the switch should be 1.4 meters away from the ground, and the socket should be 0.3 meters away from the ground. The switch of the hanging switch and the living room should be set at a place easily accessible to the owner

6. Do a good job in disinfection and maintain indoor air circulation

in the whole process of decoration, especially after gluing and painting, be sure to open windows frequently to maintain indoor air circulation. If there are no windows in the bathroom, turn on the exhaust fan

the decoration process should be thoroughly disinfected regularly, which can be sprayed with 3% Lysol water, 1%-3% bleach water or 3% Peracetic acid solution. Close the doors and windows for 1 hour after spraying


it is recommended that you do not move in immediately after decoration. If conditions permit, you'd better open the windows every day to maintain indoor ventilation, which can quickly volatilize formaldehyde and other toxic gases. It is best to stay after 3-6 months with complete indoor ventilation. Of course, the situation of each family is different, but the above aspects should be taken into account when decorating second-hand houses. I hope they can be helpful to friends who want to decorate second-hand houses





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