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From August 13 to 15, at the Shanghai exhibition, the exhibition hall with Qin embroidery and embroidered wall cloth won the favor of countless visitors, and also let each visitor witness her gorgeous performance

?? On August 15, 2015, the 19th China (Shanghai) wallpaper, cloth, carpet and home soft decoration exhibition came to an end. The carefully designed exhibition hall of Qin embroidery seamless wall cloth won the favor of countless visitors, and also let every visitor witness the gorgeous interpretation of Qin embroidery seamless wall cloth

?? In three days, the audience poured into the Qin embroidery exhibition hall in an endless stream. With the overall advancement of the industry, the public's awareness of Qin embroidery is also getting higher and higher

?? In addition, Qin embroidery in this exhibition carries the newly launched six versions and embroidery murals, and its eye-catching degree makes Qin embroidery exhibition hall seem to become the popular focus of W3 hall. The gorgeous colors and realistic effects make the indifferent color sense nerves instantly moved by the current bright scene, and the imaginative thoughts are gradually teased, so the happy mood naturally emerges

?? This high-end tone is enough to allow users to recognize and exceed expectations. Combined with art design technology, we have successfully integrated quality into emotional demands. Therefore, our wall space has been truly perfect presentation and comfortable experience

?? Innovation, mutation and long-term development. Qin embroidery has risen from a single product appeal to user experience and emotional appeal, which is not only in line with the current situation, but also a strategic upgrade to some extent. In this process, we are full of enthusiasm and sincerity, giving wisdom and sweat, collision and blending, passion and dream. At the exhibition, Qin embroidery left too much aftertaste, and also witnessed the growth and progress of Qin embroidery

?? Every hand in hand is the beginning of trust. The blooming of every region adds style to the wall fabric industry. At the same time, thank you for meeting me and you, and thank you for joining the cause of qinxiu embroidery seamless wall fabric. Your trust is our source of power! Come on

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