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With the advent of the lunar new year, for some owners who are busy decorating their new houses, it is naturally good to finish before the festival, and those who fail to do so will face the problem of cross year decoration. At the end of the year, when foreign workers and material merchants are returning home one after another, what are the advantages and disadvantages of cross section decoration from material purchase, design to construction? Another way of thinking is to design and select materials before starting the New Year decoration - for consumers who are not in a hurry to move in, experts suggest signing contracts, talking about design and selecting materials first

with the arrival of the lunar new year, for some owners who are busy decorating their new houses, it is naturally good to finish before the festival, and those who fail to do so will face the problem of cross year decoration. At the end of the year, when foreign workers and material merchants are returning home one after another, what are the advantages and disadvantages of cross section decoration from material purchase, design to construction

look at the New Year decoration in another way

design and material selection before starting work - for consumers who are not in a hurry to check in, experts suggest signing contracts, talking about design and selecting materials first, and starting work after the Spring Festival, so as to avoid the trouble of New Year decoration. The reporter learned that the end of the year is the off-season of the building materials and home furnishing industry. In order to clear the inventory, many building materials manufacturers discount most of their goods. Consumers who plan to decorate after the festival can go directly to the supermarket to choose special products such as ceramic tiles and sanitary wares, or call a knowledgeable friend to the building materials supermarket to determine the brand, model, price, color, shape, etc. of the main materials. They may also wish to purchase centrally through the network held in the new year to choose what they like. Taking this opportunity, you can save a lot of money by purchasing main materials

designer Xu of a decoration company told reporters that it would take at least two weeks for a room design scheme to be planned and finalized. Some time before the festival, designers' orders were relatively reduced and their energy was relatively sufficient. For customers who are not in a hurry to check in, there can be plenty of time to work out plans with designers during the long holiday, and the construction can be carried out after the Spring Festival. At that time, after returning home for the Spring Festival, the construction workers are often energetic and energetic

finish the basic decoration before the new year - Manager Huang of the business department of a home decoration company told reporters that generally, decoration workers will go home on holiday before the new year. If time is tight and it is difficult to complete the decoration, it is suggested to divide the decoration into two stages: finish the basic decoration in construction before the new year, that is, mainly complete the three types of work of water, electricity and wood, and wait until the workers return on the fifteenth day of the first month before starting other decoration

relevant experts also remind consumers that in case of New Year decoration, they should try to leave only the finishing works after the new year, such as doing a good job in the latex paint base before the new year, and finishing the basic carpentry work, etc. This is mainly to prevent the decoration company from changing workers after the new year, which will affect the construction quality

intermittent construction is good - many consumers believe that it is too troublesome to stop the decoration during the New Year holiday. In fact, this intermittent construction is beneficial. Manager Huang believes that most formal decoration companies have solved the difficulties in winter construction to ensure that the project will not be affected. The Spring Festival holiday just gives some wooden building materials time to adapt to the indoor environment, because the carpentry part is usually done first for decoration. Finish the woodworking project before the festival and leave it for about 20 days, which helps to expose hidden problems, such as material expansion and deformation. Oiling after the holiday reduces the possibility of deformation. Therefore, the New Year decoration is not necessarily a bad thing

avoid negative factors of New Year decoration

however, relevant experts pointed out that new year decoration will inevitably bring some negative problems, reminding consumers to pay more attention

sign the decoration contract - a lady Liu who is in the process of home decoration construction told reporters that more than half of her home decoration project has been completed, leaving mainly paint and clay work. Due to the trouble of decoration, I don't want to delay until after the new year. What's more worrying is that these decorators don't know when they can come back after the Spring Festival. Ms. Liu's situation is quite representative

according to the relevant personnel of the Consumer Association, due to the long Spring Festival holiday, many workers have to return to their hometown for the new year. In order to avoid workers not coming to work or changing people after the new year, it must be indicated in the decoration contract signed in advance, such as when to stop work and when to start work. Because if the workers are changed, maybe the new workers do not understand the situation of the preliminary project, which will affect the decoration quality. In addition, the progress of the project in each time period should also be agreed, such as the extent to which the decoration project should be completed before the year should be written into the contract. Only a comprehensive and perfect contract can guarantee the quality and progress of the decoration

don't rush blindly - many owners hope to stay in their new houses during the Spring Festival. Therefore, they hope that the decoration company can speed up the progress of their home decoration project, but often ignore the problem that the construction of home decoration project must be carried out in strict accordance with the process requirements of the project. As the Spring Festival is at the junction of winter and spring, and the climate is still in the period of warm and cold, it is forbidden to compress the construction period too tightly. For example, the putty on the wall must be applied a second time after the first time is completely dry, otherwise, the putty may have a false surface phenomenon, and the wall will crack after completion; For another example, if the cement mortar used to paste the floor tiles is not completely dry, people will go up and step on it with their feet, and the floor tiles will also have the problem of hollowing out

in addition, people's hearts are inevitably impetuous because of the Chinese New Year. If the workers engaged in a professional type of work go home in advance, and other construction workers simply "take over" in order not to delay the construction period, and become versatile, but after all, the technology is not up to standard, the process is rough, and there is no problem for the time being. After a long time, the problem will be exposed. Therefore, the blind rush period will definitely affect the quality of home decoration in the future. Experts pointed out that consumers should formulate a reasonable construction plan with the decoration company in advance, and must not act rashly to avoid future troubles

beware of the payment event - the end of the year is in the high incidence period of home decoration accidents. The main reason is that by the end of the year, some decoration companies have to settle the building materials funds purchased on credit from manufacturers and sellers, and pay the construction unit the project funds and settle the workers' wages, etc., so the enterprise is under great pressure

in order to prevent the advance payment for decoration from being involved, the relevant personage of the Consumer Association reminded consumers that decoration companies had better choose some qualified and reputable enterprises. Because generally speaking, regular decoration companies have strict regulations on the suspension of work during the Spring Festival. For projects that cannot be suspended, they will arrange personnel to work overtime. If you don't know whether the enterprise is qualified, you can consult the construction industry association and Consumer Association. Never choose a "guerrilla" or a decoration company whose construction site has been completed, but workers cannot leave the site. After selecting the right decoration company, you can also go to the competent department or decoration association to investigate the reputation of the enterprise, or check whether the company has bad records and complaint records through the Internet and other channels

be alert to the discount trap - at present, many decoration companies launch various preferential measures and discount activities during the Spring Festival. Although it does not rule out that decoration companies make profits, there are indeed some vague discounts. Insiders remind that it is very important to accurately understand the market situation. Consumers should first make a few rounds in the decoration market to understand the trend and price trend of the building materials market, pay more attention to the materials they may choose, ask the specific price and usage of various models of products, and be sure to have a number in mind when contacting the decoration company

now some decoration companies are offering preferential prices on labor costs. In fact, some concessions are not obvious, because in the cost of decoration projects, labor costs are set by the decoration company itself, and the range will be relatively large. For example, the total price of the decoration project is 100000 yuan, including 20000 labor costs. If the labor discount is 50%, that is, it only accounts for 10000 yuan, then only 10% discount is given from the total price. Moreover, the company may also appropriately reduce the number of workers after the original 20000 yuan labor arrangement of 10 people is reduced to 10000 yuan. Therefore, it is unclear whether the labor cost of 10000 yuan is worth saving. Therefore, consumers must be careful before decoration, and do not blindly "fold" their hearts

take protective measures - experts pointed out that during the Spring Festival, we must close the main water, electricity and gas gates in the decorated house, gather the decoration materials, take fire and moisture-proof measures, and maintain the ventilation of the house. In general, the decoration project has not been completed, and there are not many formaldehyde and other gases harmful to human health in the house, so it is not necessary to open all the windows during ventilation, just open the small ventilation window

in addition, fire prevention, water leakage prevention, theft prevention, etc. are essential in the unfinished and uninhabited rooms. In addition to requiring the construction team to clean up the construction site before leaving, the owner should also visit the site to check, and turn off water, electricity, gas, etc. as much as possible. If you have time, it's best to check the scene often during the festival




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