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It is necessary for owners to make clear budget quotation in the early stage of decoration. Only by comparing the quotations of several decoration companies, can we distinguish which one has the highest price comparison. In fact, the so-called high price decoration is actually based on a reasonable budget quotation to avoid budget overspending and other phenomena. But now many decoration companies say very well when signing the contract, and the owners trust it, but they add items endlessly in the later quotation, which makes them feel cheated. So how should we deal with this phenomenon? Don't worry, Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network is here to tell you

recently, Wuhan Administration for Industry and Commerce released the 2016 "12315" consumption rights protection report. The report shows that last year, the Bureau handled 978 complaints involving housing decoration, ranking among the top 10 in the service complaints list; There were 3140 complaints about decoration and building materials, ranking sixth in the commodity category. "The main problems reflected by consumers focus on contract disputes, project quality and after-sales service." A few days ago, Tian fan, director of the home decoration Committee of Wuhan Architectural Decoration Association, revealed to the editor of Wuhan home decoration network that among the more than 500 home decoration complaints received by the Association last year, engineering quality disputes accounted for the highest proportion, accounting for 50%, contract disputes and after-sales service disputes accounted for 30% and 20% respectively

"cutting corners, shoddy goods and wrong goods are the main factors affecting the decoration quality." Zhang Xiaoping, director of the supervision center of the materials branch, said that this was particularly evident in the home decoration "guerrillas" who rely on low prices to earn a living. There are many kinds of home decoration enterprises. Some decoration companies with loose management have high mobility of construction personnel, no fixed place, and lack the ability to effectively undertake the responsibility of project quality, making it difficult to ensure the project quality

the editor learned that Liu Ping, the Deputy Secretary General of the association, said that many decoration companies now attract customers with "packaged, low-cost bag check-in". In fact, "bag check-in" is only a marketing means. In fact, "packaged" refers to product packaging. Consumers must ask what items are covered in the contract. For example, "bathroom", remember to ask whether to install one bathroom or two toilets, and the "cabinet" should be specific to the area




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