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[Yihe doors and windows] sunshine housing industry is originally a labor-intensive industry type. This year, with the continuous calls for price increases, the profit space of the manufacturers of sunshine housing has been compressed instantly; Moreover, the current competition order of sunshine housing market is still in disorder. The continuous price war not only stagnates the development of some sunshine housing franchise manufacturers, but also affects the majority of consumers. Therefore, the sunshine room franchise manufacturers must have strategies to deal with the price war

clear the pros and cons of price war

as we all know, most sunshine house franchisees lack focused plans, brands and mature service systems, which also leads to the long-standing low-level competition and price war in the sunshine house market, forming an occasion for price to dominate the market. Although low-cost money is often easier to get the love of some consumers, the quality of workshop products often leads to a lot of dissatisfaction from consumers. Therefore, from the long-term growth point of view, the price war is not conducive to the benign growth of sunshine house franchise manufacturers

create value marketing

in the face of the current depressed market, sunshine house franchise manufacturers should choose more new marketing tactics to stop encircling, rather than blindly reducing prices, and should not mess around. They should stabilize the hearts of consumers with high-quality products and services. At the same time, in the process of marketing, exaggerating the cost of marketing is the crux of seizing the market. Sunshine house franchise manufacturers continue to develop cost-effective products, In order to meet the needs of different spending groups, and then drill for a larger market share, we have achieved the right remedy in the market

facing the chaos of the market, the price war hurts others and hurts themselves. The franchise manufacturers of sunshine house should boldly try some new models and actively find other ways out

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