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Breakthrough in large-size silicon carbide single crystal and substrate, epitaxial preparation and module packaging material technology controllable medium and high soft calender suitable for paper industry recently, Hangzhou electromechanical design and Research Institute cooperated with Jiangyin Guoguang calender Fiber Co., Ltd. to jointly develop and produce China's first controllable medium and high soft calender for the paper industry, which filled the domestic gap

the soft calender adopts a computer-controlled divisional controllable medium and high hydraulic system. The pressure in each calender changes synchronously with the change of the added line pressure. The maximum operating line pressure can reach 200kn/m, and the maximum temperature of the hot roll surface is 120 ~ 160 ℃. The soft roll surface of the calender can distribute the pressure in the calender more evenly to the thicker or thinner parts of the paper, and there will be no black spots or spots even when the moisture is high. After the paper passes through the soft roller calender, it can not only achieve high smoothness and gloss, but also retain high loose thickness and stiffness of the paper. The company has not yet fully put into production, opacity and strength. The machine is suitable for finishing paper, dictionary paper, carbon free copy paper, translucent paper, cast coated paper, aluminum foil base paper, coated printing paper, coated paperboard, decorative paper, etc

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