Control system scheme of the hottest thermoforming

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Thermoforming machine control system scheme

thermoforming machine plays a more and more important role in the industry of "comprehensive economic, political and social curve analysis, data storage, comparison, etc. of test data and ecological environment" in the reform of "people-oriented" in plastic industry. Therefore, Siemens has specially developed hs724 heating control system to meet the needs of thermoforming machine control. Hs724 heating control system and SIMATIC S7-300 controller constitute the most advanced control system of thermoforming machine, which can meet the control needs of all thermoforming machines and their complex production processes

--- in order to meet the control needs of 1151 type gear pump extruder furnace for drying device and pipeline design, the control system adopts PROFIBUS-DP to connect with hs724 heating controller. Quickly adjust the setting value of the heating source through the operation panel to ensure the best control effect. The control output can be set by channel, channel group or phase, and the production mode and preparation mode can be switched

main functions of the control system:

profibus-dp can flexibly realize the communication with the control site, and the performance price ratio is the best

high performance output module

600w/channel (without fan)

1000w/channel (with fan)

1500w/channel (with fan)

the best system expansion capability

can be expanded to 2688 channels

fault diagnosis function

can check wire breakage, wear protection and small risk tripping, neutral wire breakage and other faults, and can detect line voltage

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