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Conventional classification and development of various industrial heat treatment furnaces

the main heat treatment equipment is a necessary device to complete the heat treatment process. This kind of equipment plays a decisive role in the heat treatment effect and product quality, among which the heating equipment is the most important. So far, it has become the "lightest material" in the world... Thermal equipment includes various resistance furnaces, bath furnaces, fuel furnaces, controllable atmosphere furnaces, vacuum furnaces, etc., which are important equipment in the heat treatment workshop. In order to facilitate selection, use, analysis and comparison, the following methods are often used for classification

① classification by heat source. Resistance furnace, fuel furnace

② classified by operating temperature. Low temperature furnace (1000 ℃)

③ classified by furnace medium. Air furnace, bath furnace, controllable atmosphere furnace, mobile particle furnace, vacuum furnace, ion carburizing furnace

④ classification by furnace type. Box type furnace, well type furnace, trolley type furnace, pusher type furnace, rotary bottom type furnace, vibrating bottom type furnace and conveyor belt type furnace

⑤ classified by process use. Normalizing furnace, annealing furnace, quenching furnace, tempering furnace, carburizing furnace, nitriding furnace, carbonitriding furnace

⑥ classified according to operation procedures. Periodic operation furnace, semi continuous operation furnace and continuous operation furnace

with the development of other related technologies and the increasing demand for the quality of heat-treated products, the other type is calculated directly according to the test strength of corrugated board, and new heat-treatment equipment continues to appear. In recent years, the development of heat-treatment equipment is basically to save energy and improve products. 1. Cleaning and hygiene: some dust quality will inevitably be produced in the process of experiment, Improving labor intensity and eliminating public hazards. With the improvement of specialization, the proportion of automatic production lines of various continuous heating equipment is increasing. (end)

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