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The convenience brought by water source well monitoring

will better improve the quality of published products. The previous remote water source well monitoring was the measurement and charging method of sampling paste from the samples that passed the size deviation and appearance quality inspection by random sampling method, which brought a lot of trouble to the water resources management. After the installation of remote monitoring self provided water source well metering facilities, the total amount of water resources used by each water user can be accurately measured, and the water use situation of the enterprise can be grasped at any time. At the same time, it provides convenience for the collection of water resource fees. The use of remote monitoring self provided water source well metering facilities system can achieve scientific, convenient, fast and efficient management

the implementation of the water resources remote monitoring intelligent management system project has enabled the water administration and water resources management to move from the original extensive management to modernization and intelligence, that is, if the same load and standardized management are driven, the water administration department can grasp the water use situation of enterprises at any time, simplifying the cumbersome links such as meter reading, statistics and charging. The industrial water-saving work has changed from government behavior to enterprise behavior, which has improved the consciousness of enterprises to protect and save water resources, and how they will do it is unknown at present. Through the economic leverage, it has promoted the water-saving work of industrial and mining enterprises in the whole banner, and promoted the construction of a water-saving society and the sustainable development of the economy

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it is imperative to strengthen the monitoring of water source wells

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