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The three take away platforms consume at least 7.3 billion plastic bags a year

the three take away platforms consume at least 7.3 billion plastic bags a year. If you don't buy or sell, you won't be killed. Even if you just order a take away at home, you are also pulling back the implementation of the "plastic restriction order". According to statistics, the three take away platforms consume at least 7.3 billion plastic bags a year

since the issuance of the plastic restriction order in june2008, it will be difficult to change the original vision of environmental protection after 10 years

the three take away platforms consume at least 7.3 billion plastic bags a year

data show that from the implementation of the plastic restriction order to 2016, the use of plastic bags in supermarkets across the country has generally decreased by more than 2/3, and the cumulative reduction of plastic shopping bags is about 1.4 million tons. However, in small commercial markets such as the vegetable market, the problem that the self-employed provide free plastic bags is still widespread

after ten years of efforts, the "plastic restriction order" has achieved some results, but the effect has gradually weakened due to the superposition of price factors, new demand and other reasons. At present, there is no obvious reduction in plastic waste and pollution

in major supermarkets, although there is a certain charge for using plastic bags, there are still not a few young consumers who choose to pay

from the implementation of the plastic order in 2008 to 2016, about 70billion plastic shopping bags were saved in major commodity retail places across the country. On average, about 8.75 billion plastic shopping bags were saved every year. But now, more and more express packages and takeout boxes have become a new problem

according to the statistics, in 2016, the national express industry consumed about 14.7 billion plastic bags, while the three domestic take away platforms consumed at least 7.3 billion plastic packages a year, which is far more than the plastic shopping bags saved every year

yangjiongpeng, general manager of the packaging business department of Shuye Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., said: "the vest plastic bag with super overall layout and simple market use was previously made, but it was discontinued later, because with the National Plastic restriction order, the use of such bags in the market was required to be reduced. Since last year, less than 100million express bags were made last year, and the annual output of this year is about 400million."

the world is declaring war on plastics

the United Nations has released a report that 5trillion plastic bags are lost every year in the world with a PC control system operating on windows, but less than one tenth of all plastic products are recycled. The United Nations said that "the plastic disaster has spread to every corner of the earth", and called on governments to consider banning or levying taxes on disposable plastic products to help solve the problem of environmental pollution. "If you can't reuse plastic bags, reject them," said Solheim, executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme, quoting a slogan co created with the Indian government

this report hopes that countries will implement taxes and prohibitions to restrict the disposable use of plastic products. At present, more than 60 countries around the world prohibit the use of disposable plastic products or charge for the use of disposable plastic products

according to the EUROLINK news agency quoted by EUROLINK, in 2015, in order to reduce environmental pollution, the 28 EU countries unanimously adopted the regulations on reducing the use of thin plastic bags for the first time, sending a mandatory signal of "plastic restriction" through legislation. Recently, the European Parliament once again proposed a proposal to expand the scope of "plastic restriction" and discuss a comprehensive ban on the use of plastic tableware. The bill is expected to be passed by the end of May this year

it is reported that according to the earlier EU "plastic restriction" act, by 2019, the utilization rate of disposable plastic bags in EU Member States will be reduced by 80% compared with 2010. The act requires Member States to achieve this goal by imposing taxes on plastic bags or banning them directly

according to the requirements of the EU bill on banning the use of plastic tableware by e-mail:amyxiang@ jenniferfang@, EU Member States will limit and reduce the use of plastic tableware in stages until the prohibition of plastic tableware is fully realized. The plastic tableware restricted and prohibited by the act mainly includes plastic knives, forks, spoons, cups, dishes, lunch boxes, beverage straws and other related products

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