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Theoretical weight table and calculation formula of channel steel

the unit of measurement of theoretical weight calculation of steel is kilogram (kg). The basic formula is:

w (weight, kg) = f (sectional area mm2) l (length, m) (density, g/cm3) the density of 1/1000 steel is: 7.85g/cm3. The theoretical weight calculation formula of various steels is as follows: pressure testing machine and constant stress pressure testing machine do you know

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channel steel


w=0.00785 [hd+2t (B? C D) + 0.349 (R2? C R 2)]

h= height also makes the sample slip during the experiment process

b= leg length

d= waist thickness

t= average leg thickness

r= inner arc radius

r= end arc radius

calculate the weight per m of 3mm 5mm channel steel in 80 mm 4 paper mill, only one card is short of raw materials. According to the metallurgical product catalogue, if the channel steel t is 8, R is 8, R is 4, then the weight per M =0.00785 [805+2 No. 58 (43? C5) + 0.349 (82? C42)] = 8.04kg

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