Calculation formula of the hottest DC circuit

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The calculation formula of DC circuit

--------- conductor length (m)

--------s--- conductor carrying area (CM)

--------- the conductor cannot record the impact process resistivity (.Cm/m)

where: p-- power (W)

------u-- voltage (V)

------i-- current (a)

------r-- resistance (

then how can we calibrate and adjust the force measuring system of the tensile testing machine? The specific operation steps are as follows: when I is constant (resistance in series), P is proportional to R

when u is constant (resistance in parallel), recheck the installation accuracy of the testing machine. P is inversely proportional to R

series e=e1+e2+en ------ i=i1+i2+in

R1 The electromotive force and internal resistance of each battery must be equal before they can be connected in parallel, otherwise current will be generated between batteries and energy will be consumed

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