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Inventory! There is a kind of food machine called others' food machine

although it has not been the shoulder of the food industry for some time (because it doesn't lose weight in April, and it's sad in May, June, July and August), out of the spirit of food, I still seriously popularized all kinds of food machines for myself. In addition to going to the factory, there are many household food machines that have won everyone's favor. Let's have a look at these "fun" and easy-to-use food machines of others' homes

ice cream machine

unlike professional ice cream machines, household ice cream machines are as small as rice cookers, which do not occupy much space, and the speed of making ice cream is very fast, which can be done in dozens of minutes. For a person who wants ice cream every day, owning an ice cream machine is simply my dream. However, I would like to remind you that you should eat ice cream in moderation

self made yogurt requires the purchase of bacteria, milk and other ingredients in advance. The most basic function of the yogurt machine is heating and constant temperature, so that the milk temperature is between 35-45 degrees. In this environment, probiotics proliferate in large numbers, lactose in milk is converted into lactic acid, and milk is fermented into yogurt. The yogurt machine is relatively troublesome to operate, and involves the fermentation of fungi, so it needs to be used more patiently and carefully

now many families have Juicers. There are many kinds of Juicers, including electric, manual, centrifugal and extrusion. Different types of Juicers have their own advantages and disadvantages. The squeezing Juicer needs to cut the fruit into small pieces and put it in, while the centrifugal juicer is noisy, and the fruit with less water is difficult to juice

air fryer

this is a popular kind of pot in recent years, which can reduce the emissions of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons in China. According to experts, compared with ordinary frying, "air fryer" will cook food with lower fat content. However, it is strictly forbidden to use the 380V exchange electric air fryer, which has a small capacity and can put up to a kilo of French fries (equivalent to a large potato) or fiveorsix chicken wings. In addition, when heating food with an air fryer, the temperature will generally exceed 120 ℃, and acrylamide substances will also be produced. Therefore, even if you use an air fryer, you should be moderate when eating such fried food, and do not overdo it

food mixer

food mixer is a full gear transmission structure. Its power transmission system has high standard design, high strength, can stabilize the air flow rate in the process of technical experiments, high technical requirements, stable operation, ruggedness and durability. It can be used to stir cream, cake liquid, stuffing, beating eggs and making dough. Household blenders are small in size, light in weight and low in power, and some can also be used for home-made fruit juice

food dryer

food dryer is an ideal equipment for drying and processing food and vegetables. It is a batch and continuous production drying equipment. The main heating methods include electric heating, steam heating and hot air heating. Food dryers are more widely used in enterprises, and household food dryers are less used. The equipment can also be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, electronics and other industries

food vacuum packaging machine

household small multi-functional vacuum packaging machine has super vacuum pumping function, which is power-saving, small in size, light in weight, widely used and easy to operate. It can package general plastic bags, composite food bags, aluminum foil bags, etc. After vacuum sealing 2. The negative deviation of the indication exceeds the tolerance, it can effectively play the role of fresh-keeping, quality assurance, moisture-proof, mold proof, rust proof, pollution prevention, oxidation prevention and vacuum sterilization, so as to extend the shelf life

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