Caiman, the first new truck retail brand in China,

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In recent years, more and more young logistics people are preparing to buy the first heavy truck in their lives to start their business, but the lack of money, experience, the obstacles of shortage of goods and various "pits" on the freight road are blocking their way to wealth. In order to help logistics newcomers quickly grow into freight "old guns", on November 11, Foton Daimler automobile will hold a "big event" in Gao'an, Jiangxi Province to light up the entrepreneurial dream of young logistics people. At the same time, it will also bring a wonderful talk show for Chinese truck drivers to understand the ups and downs of truck people on the road in laughter

the first step to avoid the pit: don't blindly choose and buy cars.

as the saying goes, "if you want to do good things, you must first sharpen your tools". In the process of selecting and buying a car, many card friends are often moved by those heavy trucks with cool appearance, beautiful price and complete configuration, but buying a car is buying a powertrain, and the multiple benefits brought by high attendance and efficiency. Therefore, when card friends buy cars, they see heavy trucks, but they don't see the technology and production system behind them. Some heavy trucks are simply "assembled cars". Young card friends accidentally enter the "pit", resulting in cheap and expensive purchases, and suffering from monthly car repair. In order to help young carders choose and buy cars without making mistakes, Foton Daimler will soon launch a new heavy truck brand, and at the same time, it will cooperate with trailer enterprises to provide rental and coupling services, so as to solve the vehicle operation needs in a one-stop manner, so that young carders can enter Chuangfu road immediately after starting a business

step 2: don't be careless about the supply of "high price"

for young logistics people who have just entered the industry, they are often anxious to find goods. Rong company has designed a system, which is easy to be cheated by those who take the initiative to chat up, have a friendly attitude, have good service, have appropriate freight, and have easy access to goods, but it is likely to be the routine of "black information department". For example, after receiving such materials, the preparation technology of new metals and metal matrix composites with low density, high strength, high elastic modulus and fatigue resistance may be used when rushing to sign the contract; The preparation of metal matrix composites with wear resistance, corrosion resistance, improved conductivity and heat conductivity and surface modification technology will be lured to place orders outside the market or where there is no credit guarantee, and then be restricted personal freedom to extort "information fees". Or after the transporter paid the information fee, he found someone to accompany him to see the goods. When he found that there was a hard injury in this work, he didn't admit it. In this regard, the Foton Daimler automobile joint supply platform provides a reliable source of goods for truckers to escort them

step 3: service guarantee should be reliable

buying a heavy card is buying services. A series of problems such as whether the service network is perfect, whether the service standards are unified, and whether the service response speed is timely determine the transportation efficiency of users and the attendance rate of vehicles. For users, if they choose heavy truck products with few service stations, once the vehicle breaks down anywhere in the country, it is likely that the goods will be damaged due to the delayed service rescue, and even encounter some social services. 6. Before each operation, they are forced to spend more money to repair the vehicle by standing "sub factory parts pretending to be original factory parts". In response to this, when exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology, Daimler automobile also provides worry free service guarantee for young entrepreneurs, and helps customers enhance their competitiveness in the logistics and transportation environment according to fast, transparent and standardized service standards

in short, young logistics entrepreneurs may encounter pitfalls. Before buying a car, they are afraid to buy heavy trucks that have no standard manufacturing, lack core technology, and are simply matched and assembled on the ground; After buying the car, I was afraid that there was no perfect service guarantee. Therefore, in view of the difficulties in licensing, on the road and car repair, Foton Daimler launched a new heavy truck brand - Keman and provided carefree supply and service guarantee for card friends. You are cordially invited to witness on November 11

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