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The calculation method of corrugated paper to meet the higher industry environmental protection forced standard box compressive strength

the strength standard of corrugated boxes with fast cutting and durability. Annex g of GB national standard stipulates that the compressive strength value p of corrugated boxes should not be less than the value calculated by the following formula: p=k g (H-H/h s) (kgf/cm2)

where: k-strength insurance coefficient

g- weight of goods packed in corrugated box, 1. KGF in non working state

h-stacking height, cm

h-box height, cm

s-box bottom area cm2

this formula can be simplified in practice as: p=k g (n-1)

where: n-stacking layers; According to the three-year action plan for increasing the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry (2018 (2) 020)

k - depending on the length of storage time:

<30 days 1.6, days 1.65, more than 100 days 2

but some textbooks set it as 3, so the safety factor is greater

if a certain instant noodle box has a gross weight of 3.5kgf and is stacked for 16 layers, the strength (pressure resistance, the same below) standard of corrugated boxes should be:

p=2 3.5 (16-1)

=7kgf 15


some large box users also have their own strength standards. For example, Nanfeng chemical group stipulates that the strength standard of its washing powder packaging box is 350kgf. To make a box for it, the strength must meet this standard

machines that can be used to test the compressive strength of cartons include the carton compressive testing machine professionally produced by Haida instrument, which is specially used to test the compressive strength of cartons, corrugated cartons and other packaging containers, so as to ensure the product quality and safety during storage and transportation

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