Fujitsu launched the world's first color e-reader

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Fujitsu launched the world's first color e-reader

Japanese electronics company Fujitsu launched the world's first color e-reader last week, which caused strong repercussions in the market

this f touch key operation mode lepia electronic paper mobile terminal gbt4156 ⑴ 984 metal cupping test method (thickness 0.2~2mm) end can only be sold through Fujitsu fr material enterprises who want to win the market ontech stores

many experts have questioned the 1.8-second screen refresh rate of this product. American technology magazine fast company said: the nearly 2-second display conversion time of flepia will definitely be annoying

Mark Lee Amies, Deloitte's media partner, pointed out that at present, the speed of converting ordinary books and periodicals to electronic format is still relatively slow, and the price of this device is likely to become the biggest obstacle to people buying it

David Taylor, President of lightning source, an on-demand book printing plant, said that everyone knows that color e-books will eventually enter our lives. He said: I can't remember how many people asked me whether e-books will become the terminator of printed books. In fact, no matter how big the e-book market is, it is only people's guess. Printing is still a very important part of our life

it is understood that flepia will be officially sold from April 20, when 98% of the materials are recycled and returned to the production cycle, at a price of 727 pounds

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