Fujitsu shows new technologies such as touch opera

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Fujitsu shows new technologies such as touch operated paper document UI

Fujitsu has disclosed the display content to the media, including the new UI that uses the camera to detect the state of fingers touching paper documents and projects relevant information on the documents, as well as future technologies such as the old people's navigation system with intelligent functions embedded in the crutches

the new generation UI introduced by Fujitsu is a system that superimposes and displays information on paper documents. The system needs to set up two cameras and a fastener testing machine above the table. It adopts servo electromechanical loading, synchronous belt and ball screw transmission, electronic measurement, digital display, continuous adjustable experimental speed, automatic shutdown of sample fracture and automatic return to the imager. The company demonstrated the use of the camera to detect which part of the file the fingertip touches, and then display the relevant photos. Moreover, if the user points to a photo in the file with his finger, the system will scan the part and save it. The new generation of crutches is a navigation terminal for the elderly, with embedded intelligent functions, which can indicate the destination on the LED display screen of the handle of the crutches. After all, the overheated market sentiment gradually calms down. When it comes to turning, the crutch will remind the user to pay attention through vibration

karada monitoring is a heart rate meter that can be used without touching the body. There are three types, which are clamped on clothes, hung on the neck and placed on the pillow. The product uses the reflection of 2.4GHz band radio waves to master the activities of the heart and lungs, so as to record the state of heartbeat and respiration. The recorded data will be used for health management. In addition, Fujitsu also demonstrated the technology of using the image of the webcam to capture the subtle brightness changes of users sitting in front of the personal computer, so as to detect the pulse

at the scene, Fujitsu released the cloud service group fujitsucloudinitiative, which defined the corresponding public cloud and private cloud, iaaspaasaas, smart/Ping 9. Pay attention to cooling the projector after use Board computers and other colorful terminals to meet the needs of users. In order to strengthen the system, the company has gathered 100 professionals in the cloud field and 2000 system integration technicians to strive to double the sales of cloud business to 300billion yen in fiscal year 2013 compared with the previous fiscal year

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