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Full contact of over packaging

[the mandatory national standard for moon cakes was issued on September 5 and will be implemented from June 1 next year: the AQSIQ and the National Standards Commission issued the mandatory national standard for moon cakes (GB) on September 5 To limit the excessive packaging of moon cakes. Industry insiders said that since the standard will implement a tool developed by NASA from June 1, 2006, it will have little impact on the market this year, but it is undoubtedly the standard for the moon cake packaging market next year. It is understood that the standard includes product classification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, labels, marks, packaging, transportation and storage, and makes clear provisions for the packaging of moon cakes concerned by all sectors of society: 1 The packaging cost shall not exceed 25% of the ex factory price of moon cakes; 2. The empty space of a single package shall not exceed 35% of the total volume of a single package; The average distance between the single package and the inner wall of the outer box and the single package shall not exceed 2.5cm.]

in fact, over packaging is not limited to moon cakes. It is not difficult to see from various relevant reports that over packaging has penetrated into various industries

"the value of the packaging should not exceed 1 to 2 times the value of the packaged products". In response to the increasing proliferation of excessive packaging, sunyouhai, director of the bill Office of the environmental and assets supervision and Administration Commission of the National People's Congress, publicly said to the media a few days ago, "products must meet the standard before leaving the factory, which is to solve the problem of excessive packaging from the source of production. If an enterprise violates the standard, it violates the standardization law. Exceeding the standard is illegal!"

a set of hardcover books costs thousands of yuan. It takes five or six layers of chocolate to peel off the packaging to see the "true face of Lushan Mountain". The packaging of moon cakes is increasingly luxurious. In recent years, excessive packaging has long been common. Some businesses believe that "people depend on clothes and clothes, and Buddha depends on gold". Under the conditions of market economy, as long as it is not illegal, there are buyers and sellers. Various packaging can reflect different consumption levels, which is completely normal

experts have different opinions on this. It is understandable to use packaging to improve the added value of products, which can not only improve the advertising effect of goods, but also bring visual and sensory pleasure to consumers. However, there is a problem of degree in packaging. Excessive packaging makes the commodity value seriously incompatible with the packaging value, which is suspected of fraud and profiteering. It not only caused a great waste of resources, but also contributed to the unhealthy trend of gift giving and provided a hotbed for corruption

first, from "poor" to "excessive"

"first-class products, second-class packaging, third-class prices", this statement was once a true portrayal of China's commodity trade more than 20 years ago. At that time, the products always gave people the feeling of "silly big black thick", and suffered a lot of dumb losses in foreign trade. For a period of time, many export commodities were still unable to compete with foreign similar commodities because of poor packaging, even if the quality was high. Finally, they could only be sold at reduced prices or even reduced to ground stalls. According to incomplete statistics, the annual losses caused by poor packaging are as high as 10 billion yuan

since the reform and opening up, China's packaging industry has gradually got rid of the old disease of "poor", but it has moved to the other extreme - falling into the quagmire of "excessive". According to the statistics of the environmental health department, the packaging of various commodities accounts for about 1/4 of the garbage generated every year, most of which is waste caused by luxurious over packaging

the saying "two catties of bamboo shoots and three catties of shells" is most appropriate to evaluate the over packaging of many products at present. The simple and generous moon cake packaging must be made into multi-layer Baoge style baskets, dragon boat shaped gift baskets and other styles. The same is true for the packaging of all kinds of health and nutrition products. There are only four small tablet ginseng buccal tablets, so it is necessary to pack them into two packages, and wrap them inside and outside in plastic bags and small cartons, which is not enough. It is also necessary to pad them with foam plastic, and then put a large package box with exquisite printing on the outside. The most typical is a kind of American ginseng packaging. The box is large. When you open it, the substance is only a thin layer, and the volume of the commodity is less than 1/100 of the packaging

it can be said that the increasing domestic waste has become an important source of pollution that puzzles urban environmental governance. At present, the most effective treatment method for domestic waste is to reduce, recycle and recycle. Among them, reduction is at the top of governance, because only by reducing the amount of waste at the source can we reduce the burden of follow-up governance and effectively control the waste problem. And opposing excessive packaging is undoubtedly an important part of the reduction

excessive packaging not only increases the cost of waste disposal, but also wastes limited resources. According to statistics, the annual national average production of shirts 4.2.6 strain extensometers and accessories ★ 1) static accuracy: not greater than 0.5% of the indicated value; ★ 2) dynamic accuracy: no more than 1% of the indicated value; 3) Gauge length: 25mm; 4) Strain limitation: 1.0% to 1.2 billion pieces, the amount of paper used in the packaging box reached 240000 tons, which is equivalent to cutting 1.68 million trees with thick bowls, while the cartons used in the packaging of shirts are only a drop in the ocean. If you calculate the amount of paper used in the packaging of all goods and the trees to be cut, it is undoubtedly an astronomical number. In other words, the more cartons are used, the faster the green disappears

second, the confusion of "buying a pearl"

"buying a pearl" was originally just a joke in ancient China, which said that it abandoned the real essence, but regarded accessories with little value as treasures. However, in today's highly developed civilization, in the face of the temptation of beautiful packaging boxes, many modern people are still confused about "buying pearls and returning pearls"

Aunt Li is over 70 years old this year, and her son and daughter-in-law are very filial. Children are usually busy, so they can buy things for the elderly during the Spring Festival, health products for the Spring Festival and moon cakes for the Mid Autumn Festival. The old man was frugal all his life. Every time his son bought these valuable things back, she secretly felt distressed, and the removed packaging box added some "trouble" to the old man. The old man said that in fact, those high-end packaging also cost a lot of money. Some packaging boxes are even as exquisite as works of art. It's a pity to throw them away for nothing; And there is no other use at home. In addition to occupying space, I have to recruit my wife's nagging

some consumers even questioned, "some packaging values even exceed the value of the product itself, which actually constitutes forced consumption of consumers in disguise!" An old professor in a university recalled the scene of visiting relatives in the past with great emotion, "in the 1970s, when visiting relatives and buying a few moon cakes, the store placed the moon cakes in the shape of a pyramid, wrapped them with a thin layer of rice paper, and pasted a piece of red paper with the name of the store on it, which is not wasteful but also full of human feelings. Now the packaging of moon cakes is fancy, and they are sold at a sky high price. Who would ordinary people buy them?"

Miss Chen, who works in a foreign enterprise, went to the mall a few days ago and bought several boxes of nutritional and health products to honor her father. My father opened the exquisite outer packing box and found that in the package, there were small boxes wrapped in large boxes, and small glass bottles wrapped in yellow silk and separated by plastic foam between the cardboard boxes folded into squares layer by layer. Take out these glass bottles containing nutrients and see that their combined volume is less than a quarter of the outer packaging box. Look at that exquisite big box and a pile of yellow silk and paper lattice. It's really a little reluctant to throw it away and useless to keep it. "Spend a little money on things, spend a lot of money on packaging", Ms. Chen, who is quite emotional, can only express helplessness

experts pointed out that packaging has two functions: one is to protect goods from damage and deterioration during manufacturing, transportation, storage and sales; The second is to beautify, publicize and add value to commodities. At present, the public's doubts about excessive packaging mainly focus on the second function. For example, some commodities are not good-looking, but not good-looking and useless; Some are huge, empty in the stomach, and there are only a small part of goods in the huge packing boxes stacked one after another; Some of them look magnificent, rich and decent, but in fact, the cost of packaging is higher than that of "beads" for sale; Some fakes that are similar to "there is no bird's nest in the bird's nest, and there is no honey in the honey" are delicately disguised as good products to make huge profits on the basis of harming the interests of consumers

III. The price of "face"

clearly knows that this kind of excessive packaging is a waste. Why do so many consumers flock to it? After all, there are high, medium and low-grade packaged goods in the market at the same time. It is not compulsory to buy over packaged goods. If there is no consumer to buy, the over packaged goods will automatically withdraw from the market. What makes over packaging popular? Why do consumers voluntarily pay high fees for over packaged goods? There is only one reason, that is, these goods are not bought for their own consumption. After all, rational consumers will not pay too much and extra for packaging that has little practical value. As a gift, the realization of the use value of aero-engine composite materials accounts for 6.9%, which depends on whether the commodity has the function of bearing the communicative value of the gift, that is, whether it can reflect the "intention" and "face" of the giver

the reason why manufacturers are greedy for luxury and packaging is that luxury packaging can raise high prices and bring excess profits. Many packaging costs even exceed the value of the goods themselves, such as a few yuan pen, two of which are packed in a beautiful brocade Satin packaging box, and then crowned with the beautiful name of "lovers pair of pens", you dare to bid 99 yuan, which is called everlasting; The price of the same moon cake, which is in bulk and packed in a unique and colorful tin box, is very different. How much can a piece of moon cake be worth? Hundreds of yuan a box. The price of the packaging is far more than the moon cake itself

what is this not "beautiful deception"? It is true that moderate packaging helps to improve the grade of goods and prevent goods from being damaged in the circulation process, but regardless of variety and value, all excessive packaging is suspected of fraud. Isn't it cheating to pack worthless things three layers inside and three layers outside, and to dress up fake and shoddy goods as "showy" and "gold and jade are exposed in them"? After all, the most important thing of commodities is the internal quality, and the external packaging should be "icing on the cake", rather than "overwhelming". For the vast majority of consumers, genuine goods and value for money are still the most important criteria for choosing goods

IV. solutions

to truly solve the problem of excessive packaging requires the joint efforts of the government, businesses and consumers. Both consumers and businesses should establish a sense of society and form a consumption concept of saving resources on the premise of continuous improvement of living standards. The government should use price, fiscal and tax, finance and other means to give full play to the role of market mechanism and economic leverage, transform the packaging and printing industry, and establish an industrial chain of waste packaging recycling, renewable packaging material design, and environmental protection packaging production. At the same time, the environmental cost is added to the price formation mechanism of disposable packaging products, so that the packaging and printing enterprises can prepare the test pieces in excessive packaging: it is not profitable for the all-round experimental machine to take the gauge distance in the middle of the test piece or punch the eye with a foot gauge at both ends of the gauge as a sign. The third is to establish laws and regulations on the packaging of consumer goods, specifying the packaging materials of consumer goods, the weight and volume ratio of packaging and commodities, etc. such as

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