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The e-commerce station "Fujitsu department store", which specializes in Japanese boutiques, opened its first physical store

the e-commerce station "Fujitsu department store", which specializes in Japanese boutiques, opened its first physical store

-- it opened in Ginza store, Dongji Plaza, Japan on March 31, 2016

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transcosmos group (hereinafter referred to as transcosmos; headquarters: Shibuya District, Tokyo, Japan; President and coo: OTA Changxiao; Dongzheng Code: 9715), a wholly-owned subsidiary of caramo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya District, Tokyo, Japan; President: Nakamura Liang) operates the e-commerce station Fujitsu department store( http://fujimaki-select 。 Com/) opened its first physical store in Ginza store of Dongji Plaza on March 31, 2016

as the first e-commerce station in Japan to sell boutique goods, Fujitsu has been monopolized by international giants such as Henkel, Dow Corning and 3M for a long time. The store began to operate in May 2012. It exclusively sells selected goods with the theme of the superiority of viscoelasticity of Japanese biological elastomer materials in wetlands and high temperatures, which can make people's lives more colorful, At the same time, pay attention to mining and showing the stories behind goods and craftsmen

tengjuan department store opened a physical store in the Ginza store of Dongji square, plus the comprehensive effect of the existing e-commerce station and facebook fan page, so as to improve customer satisfaction and gradually develop the physical store into an entry purchase point for overseas people. In addition, in order to obtain the best effect, through the joint integration strategy of physical stores and stores, the functions of collecting and purchasing favorite goods on the application software of tengjuan department store can realize the omni channel development of shopping anytime and anywhere

on March 31, 2016, the first physical store of Fujitsu department store opened in the Ginza store of Dongji square, a large commercial facility, mainly sells limited edition and special goods, such as limited edition glassware made by craftsman Edo Chiko, the latest handbag of doubleloop brand, which is very popular in Fujitsu Department store, durable leather wallet, etc. Through the physical store, customers can actually touch the goods, understand the quality and technology of the goods, and then buy them

with tengjuan department store, transcosmos can realize online and offline simultaneous sales of attractive goods that condense the imagination and technology of craftsmen in tengjuan department store. In the future, transcosmos will further promote the development of the company's global one-stop e-commerce services

■ overview of Ginza store of tengjuan department store

store name: Ginza store of tengjuan department store

address: Ginza, Central District, Tokyo, Floor area of 6th floor of Ginza store in Dongji Plaza "Volvo and we have developed such capabilities together: 88.71 square meters

opening time: March 31, 2016

■ about transcosmos group

transcosmos has been committed to integrating excellent people and the latest technological capabilities since its inception in 1966, and helping enterprise customers strengthen their competitiveness by providing high-quality and high-value services. At present, transcosmos is committed to strengthening the competitiveness of enterprises through 28 countries around the world centered on Asia The excellent operation of 159 branches of the company provides two types of services to enterprise customers - cost cutting support services (including customer contact center, personnel/Finance/office background, order processing/SCM, system development/operation and other support services), and revenue expansion support services (including big data analysis, internet promotion, station construction/operation, intelligent/social media applications, marketing and other support services). In addition, with the development of the worldwide e-commerce market, transcosmos also provides global one-stop e-commerce services to help enterprise customers provide high-quality goods and services to consumers in 40 countries around the world. Transcosmos aims to become a global BPO partner for enterprise customers by providing high-quality BPO services worldwide

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