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The Ministry of public security recently issued the notice on further clarifying the relevant requirements for fire control supervision and management of external thermal insulation materials for civil buildings, which made it clear that it can be operated by a single machine or connected with two gangs. The masterminds are middle-aged women. The computer console said that the external thermal insulation materials for civil buildings will be included in the scope of fire design review, fire acceptance and filing spot check of construction projects. The notice also said that before the release of the new standard, the second provision of the Interim Provisions on fire prevention of external thermal insulation systems and exterior wall decoration of civil buildings should be strictly implemented, and the external thermal insulation materials of civil buildings should be grade a materials

it is understood that in the wall insulation market at present, there are few enterprises with grade B1 fire performance, and only a few enterprises with grade a fire performance, and most of them are foreign giants such as Mitsubishi of Japan, aruk of Germany, Knauf of Germany, whose prices deter most development enterprises. For example, the price of A2 grade aluminum plate in aruk, Germany is 500 yuan/square meter, which is 5-10 times higher than that of B-grade aluminum plate of similar domestic enterprises

although the price of A2 grade aluminum plate developed by domestic enterprises is 200 yuan/square meter, compared with class B product polyamide (PA), it has won people's attention because of its unique low specific gravity, high tensile strength, wear resistance, good self lubrication, excellent impact toughness, and the performance of both rigid and flexible. The price is also 3-5 times higher. Moreover, these innovative products need to be reviewed and updated by many national testing departments, and their time cost also makes the development enterprises helpless to abandon them. The addition of rigid regulations on fire separation belts also increases new costs. For each additional layer of fire separation belts, it will cost dozens to hundreds of yuan

in this regard, relevant experts in the industry pointed out that in the field of utilization, China's external wall thermal insulation enterprises should vigorously strengthen basic research on fire prevention, speed up technological innovation in the wall thermal insulation industry, and develop new low-carbon products and technologies with higher fire prevention level as soon as possible, which can form an industrialized scale, the price is easy to be accepted by the market, which not only saves resources, but also can be reused, in order to deal with the industry reshuffle

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