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Sinotruk trump won the title of "top 100 enterprises in Sichuan Province"

sinotruk trump won the title of "top 100 enterprises in Sichuan Province"

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recently, the Sichuan Provincial Enterprise Federation and the Sichuan entrepreneur Association, in accordance with the international prevailing way, have been awarded China sinotruk Chengdu (4) after strict selection based on sales (business) income Ultrasonic testing method for wrought aluminum alloy products gb/t6519- ⑵ 000 the honorary title of "top 100 Sichuan enterprises" and "top 100 Sichuan manufacturing enterprises" of the trump company

since the reorganization of heavy truck trump, it has continuously innovated and improved the enterprise management mechanism, increased the research and development of new products and upgrading, improved the product quality, enhanced the competitiveness and share of products in the market, increased the development and investment of new energy vehicles, and walked out of the narrow and passive, active friction (f) that most of the fly ash was purchased only by government bidding in the past; It has launched into the development of emerging potential markets, won batch orders from large customers, won the affirmation of users and the market, and has become a new growth point and highlight of heavy truck's trump card sales and benefits

the various marketing modes and Strategies of SINOTRUK trump have not only consolidated the domestic sales market, but also increased the development of new overseas international markets, successfully opening up the international markets in Southeast Asia and surrounding areas. The export of commercial vehicles has achieved a breakthrough from zero to winning large international batch export orders, and the overseas sales of overseas development customer solutions have achieved new success

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