The hottest heavy-duty VTOL crop spraying UAV will

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Heavy VTOL crop spray UAV is about to be developed

heavy VTOL crop spray UAV is about to be developed

10:22:01 source: modular electrical hardware is convenient for function expansion and maintenance

global crop protection company Adama Ltd. announced that it had cooperated with aerospace company tactical robotics Ltd. to conduct a joint feasibility study for high-capacity aerial agricultural spraying UAV

tactical Robo recently, tics developed cormorant with small initial clamping force, which is a multifunctional, compact, high load, unmanned vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft with unique functions. Cormorants can carry a payload of more than 500 kg (up to 764 kg including fuel). They do not need an airstrip and can be transported by truck. Cormorant is a multifunctional UAV platform that can perform multiple tasks, including logistics and cargo services, as well as fire fighting and aerial spraying

as part of the cooperation, Adam and tactical robotics will jointly develop Ag cormorant, a new air spraying solution. The professional knowledge and technical know-how of Adama in the agricultural center and the method of focusing on farmers, which seems not to lie in the problem of imported goods, will guide the development direction and determine the ability of Ag cormorant

The unmanned operation and unique design of Ag cormorant promote the new safety standard of aerial spraying. It eliminates the risk of pilot injury and exposure to rotor accidents. With its relatively low acoustic characteristics and 24/7 flight capability, it will significantly increase the available application windows. AG cormorant's ability to adjust flight altitude and speed according to the mission, combined with its unique aerodynamic characteristics, can achieve better roof penetration, drift reduction and variable rate application capabilities

Dani Harari, senior vice president of strategy and resources at Adama, said: we are very happy to cooperate with tactical robotics to develop new and innovative air spraying solutions. We believe that Ag cormorant represents a new and improved aviation application method, and see the future potential of combining the crop protection portfolio of Adama with its unique functions. Our goal is to continue to provide these and other valuable services and products so that farmers can optimize their output and help them grow

Rafi yoeli, CEO of tactical robotics Co., Ltd., said that when Adama showed us their insights into cormorant's potential response to the most urgent needs of the Ag department, we were deeply impressed by Adama's forward-looking thinking and innovative spirit. The unique functions of cormorant provide solutions to challenges in various fields. Adama's participation and vision are an important contribution to the valuable application of our cormorant UAV

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