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Hebei Expressway 96122 service intelligent customer service system launched recently, Hebei Expressway 96122 service intelligent customer service system was launched to provide users with more personalized services and good human-computer interaction experience

it is reported that the intelligent customer service system mainly realizes man-machine voice intelligent question and answer communication. Compared with the traditional customer service voice menu, the biggest advantage is to get rid of the shackles of the traditional keys. At the top left is the spindle drive system and oil box, and realize all business nodes in the original key process, providing users with road condition query, charging policy query, road rescue, service area query, toll station query Etc business inquiry and other diversified intelligent voice services

no key navigation interaction. When users call Hebei expressway service 96122 to choose intelligent customer service, they don't have to listen to the function key prompt tone layer by layer, and they don't need to carry out complicated key operations. They can directly say their own needs to query and consult relevant information, and they can jump between various nodes of the navigation without returning to the main menu layer by layer, which shortens the existing menu path and reduces user call costs. Intelligently analyze user voice. Through the recognition and intelligent analysis of users' voice, the system can also associate the context, judge the accurate needs of users, enable users to obtain the desired information, and provide users with personalized and intelligent services

guide the diversion of users. For users who access customer service directly to manual service and users who wait when the manual customer service is busy, prompt and guide them to enter the intelligent customer service system. When encountering peak traffic, it can greatly reduce the pressure of the customer service system, shorten the waiting time of users, and enable users to obtain high-speed information more efficiently

at the same time, the intelligent customer service system is integrated with the mobile precision service function in the customer service system. When the user inquires about the important role played by the nearby kelcai exhibition in the local economy and the surrounding information, the system provides the user with the nearby high-speed information, toll station information and service area information according to the user's longitude and latitude coordinates

the launch of the intelligent customer service system is a breakthrough in the application of artificial intelligence technology in Hebei high-speed travel service. It is also the first in the national transportation service industry. It comprehensively improves the service ability of Hebei high-speed customers when consulting the universal experimental machine, and improves the customer service brand influence of Hebei high-speed service 96122

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