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Analysis on the market demand of gear mold

looking at the current situation of gear mold in China, it can be said that there are mixed feelings. The good news is that gear mold production has a certain foundation, and the general trend of plastic gear development will bring greater market space to gear mold; The worry is that the level of domestic gear mold production is still far from the world's advanced level, and under the trend of the great development of the gear industry, especially the plastic gear industry, the domestic response to market changes is not sharp enough, and the supporting research is difficult to keep up with the market demand

There are two main uses of gears, one is to transmit motion, the other is to transmit power. At present, domestic plastics mix PE and heat-resistant inorganic particles or PP to prepare battery compartments, which are usually divided into direct test and 3-axis test. Membrane gears are mainly used to transmit motion, while plastic gears are increasingly used in the United States to transmit power. This is because plastic gears have many advantages, such as low transmission noise, vibration absorption, self lubrication and so on. Moreover, the debate about the fire resistance of thermal insulation wall materials has not stopped. Plastic gears can be opened for processing, and the production efficiency is high

plastic gears will be used more and more in the gear industry, which is a worldwide trend. According to Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Mold Association, the application scope of domestic gear dies can be roughly divided into three aspects: dies for plastic gears, dies for powder metallurgy gears and dies for precision forged bevel gears. Among them, the demand for moulds for plastic gears is relatively large

at present, medium and low-grade gear molds can be produced in China, and high-grade gear molds mostly rely on imports. There are few factories that specialize in making gear moulds in China. Most of them make gear moulds by themselves. Gear factories often set up a section or workshop to undertake this work. In terms of precision forged bevel gears, the qualified valve springs of Zhuzhou gear, Jiangsu airship and Pacific will undergo fatigue tests before leaving the factory. The bevel gear dies manufactured by precision forging enterprises are relatively good in the gear die industry, and the quality of precision forged bevel gears is also high. In terms of plastic gears, generally speaking, plastic gears and their moulds are mainly distributed in two regions: one is Ningbo, Zhejiang, where there are more than 340 plastic gear factories, and it is also the largest plastic gear mould production base in China; The other is Shenzhen Baoan, which is mainly Hong Kong funded enterprises. Its products have high precision and are mainly used for export

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