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Sinotruk Trump: a historic leap from restorative development to rising against the trend

sinotruk Trump: a historic leap from restorative development to rising against the trend

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Guide: from December 22 to 23, 2013, the 2014 business annual meeting of SINOTRUK Chengdu trump Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as sinotruk trump) was grandly held in Chengdu Jinniu hotel. On the day of the business annual meeting, the trump card of heavy truck of heavy truck W5 and the completion ceremony of 012 new factory were held, and the participating representatives attended the celebration ceremony

from December 22 to 23, 2013, the 2014 business annual meeting of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Chengdu trump Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "trump") was grandly held in Chengdu Jinniu Hotel, which is to actively cultivate new drivers of green development. On the day of the annual business meeting, sinotruk trump held a ceremony for the offline of W5 medium and heavy trucks and the completion of 012 new factory. The representatives attended the celebration ceremony and visited the new factory, witnessing the official offline of the first batch of w5g medium and heavy trucks

at the 2014 annual business conference with the theme of "one heart, one peer, one dream", Wei Zhihai, chairman of SINOTRUK trump, delivered a speech, and Jin Wensheng, general manager, delivered a keynote report. Wei Zhihai spoke highly of the work of the trump management team of heavy truck in the past three years. Jin Wensheng carefully reviewed the work since the reorganization of the company, especially in 2013, and deployed the work in 2014. At the same time, the meeting introduced marketing products, interpreted business policies, and held a supplier branch

Jin Wensheng, deputy chief engineer of SINOTRUK group and general manager of SINOTRUK trump Co., Ltd., presided over the celebration ceremony of the downline of W5 heavy truck and the completion of 012 new factory. Ma Chunji, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, Wei Zhihai, deputy secretary of the Party committee of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, and leaders of Sichuan Province, Chengdu City and Qingbaijiang District jointly launched the offline luminous button to cut the ribbon for the offline product

the holding of the annual business meeting and the completion of new factories and the production of new products also have a symbolic significance. On September 28th, 2010, the domestic heavy truck leader and the strength group of China heavy truck came together to officially restructure and establish the Chengdu ace commercial vehicle company of China Heavy Truck Group. However, in the past oneortwo years, the downward pressure on China's economy has increased, and China's automotive industry, which has been booming for ten years, has suddenly turned a low inflection point. The trump company of heavy truck, which has just been joint-venture restructured and is undergoing the test of running in and growth, has climbed tenaciously in the innovation struggle to overcome many challenges and constantly created new achievements

heavy truck construction project (012 project) launched in January 2012, with a total investment of 1.035 billion yuan. The first phase of the project, which was fully put into operation on the 22nd of this month, has a construction area of nearly 140000 square meters of new plants, supporting facilities and other facilities, and a design annual capacity of 100000 units. The new factory has successfully developed six W5 series medium and heavy truck traction, dump and flat plate lines, which are mainly equipped with German Mann engines and have reached the domestic advanced level of process equipment. The new products are based on high starting point and high quality, and match the mc07 Guosi engine, axle and other key assemblies of man technology platform. The technology and quality of the whole vehicle have reached the leading level of domestic similar products. In November, 2013, the product completed 165 commissioning tests under various complex road conditions in Dingyuan, China, which fully met the requirements of national laws and regulations. The product performance was ahead of the industry level, and was praised by users as a medium and high-end model that is compatible with medium and heavy trucks, has high cost performance, and can bring direct economic benefits to users

in recent years, the international financial crisis has continued to affect, the world economy has been struggling to recover, and China's economy has declined amid insufficient domestic demand, difficult transformation and foreign pressure. However, people are pleasantly surprised to find that three years after the restructuring, the trump card of heavy truck has experienced multiple tests such as product upgrading, personnel adjustment and new factory construction, and its production and sales have increased significantly for three consecutive years, realizing the leap from restorative development in the initial stage of restructuring to contrarian growth, Great historic progress has been made: the production and operation are popular across the board, and the heavy truck trump 7 series products have fully completed the market switching of old products, bringing new feelings and experiences to users; The patent technology of new product development has made remarkable achievements, and has obtained more than 100 national patent authorizations, opening a new page in cultivating independent brands and forming the core competitiveness of products; The market network continues to expand in the integrated development, and a number of trump brand image stores of heavy truck are competing to be launched, and the marketing power is greatly improved...

in 2013, the production and sales of trump brand of heavy truck hit a monthly, quarterly and annual record high, realizing the sales of 35000 commercial vehicles of all types, with a year-on-year increase of more than 30%, which surprised the peers. The annual business meeting again raised the production and marketing doubling plan, and proposed to achieve the production and marketing target of 60000 vehicles in 2014

however, the goal of SINOTRUK trump is by no means just production and sales. The newly completed project of the company generally includes the mixed line assembly of medium and heavy trucks. At the same time, robot punching and welding production lines, advanced frame production and automatic coating production lines are arranged to ensure the product process and technical quality with advanced technology, top-notch equipment and perfect testing system. As Ma Chunji, chairman of the heavy truck group, said, "the significance of this project lies not in production capacity, but in product quality." Li kunxue, deputy secretary of the Chengdu municipal Party committee, who attended the ceremony of the completion of the new plant and the offline of new products on behalf of the Chengdu municipal Party committee and government, said in his speech that the deformation of the upper and lower ends of China's heavy duty truck was restrained by friction. The completion of the new factory of Chengdu trump brand of small automobile and the offline of heavy duty truck will change the pattern of the development of China's truck industry when doing large tonnage material mechanics experiments, and will greatly promote the development of the automobile industry in Chengdu, And it will play a very positive role in promoting local economic and social development

sinotruk trump is an important commercial vehicle project in Sichuan Province and a major strategic investment project of SINOTRUK group. After the reorganization of SINOTRUK trump, the company's management team put product structure adjustment and quality improvement in the first place, and clearly put forward the development concept of "product switching". In the early stage of restructuring, the workshop of trump company was covered with oil and water stains, and cigarette butts, screws and inconspicuous small objects were everywhere; On the assembly line of the whole vehicle, the employees' clothes are not neat, and the sound of barbaric beating can be heard all the time; In the finished product warehouse, many parts were loose, fasteners and screws fell off, the cab was rusty, and the tires were flat... General manager Jin Wensheng was deeply shocked by this scene. He took more than 100 photos at one go, and immediately held a meeting of middle-level cadres of the whole company. With the theme of "if I were a user, I want to buy a car", he asked everyone to look at the pictures, write their experiences, and talk about their feelings, and asked all departments to rectify immediately within a time limit

through a series of measures, employees' quality awareness has been significantly enhanced, and the wind of using rigorous work quality to ensure product quality has risen rapidly. Next, they sorted out the defects of the old products one by one, approved and rectified each small link, summarized the "6S" on-site management every month, and checked the assessment results. In the first year of restructuring, the company approved and rectified more than 1000 quality problems, punished and assessed nearly 100 quality cases of supporting suppliers, and punished and assessed more than 60 personal quality problems

the multi pronged quality enhancement measures have greatly improved the product quality of SINOTRUK's trump card. Many users reported that in the past, there were no major problems and small problems with trump cars, and they could not get rid of the shadow of agricultural vehicles; At present, trump cars have few quality problems and pay attention to details, but the brand of China heavy truck is different

the story of "strong car" in the 4.20 Lushan earthquake in Sichuan this year has made all sectors of society have a further understanding of the quality of SINOTRUK's flagship products. Cheng Jinqiang, the owner of "strong car", said with great emotion: "during the earthquake, if the brakes of the ace car were not good and the cab was solid, I would have died long ago. Thank Chengdu ace! Thank the Communist Party!"

the story of "strong car" of SINOTRUK trump shows the good quality of SINOTRUK trump with a clear case, which not only produces an excellent market effect, enhances the brand influence of SINOTRUK trump, but also highlights the core values of SINOTRUK "using personality to create high-quality products, and using high-quality products to serve the society", The trump card of SINOTRUK has evolved into the code of conduct of "everything for users, everything for production, everything for sales" and "focusing on process and pursuing results"

for enterprises, products are not only the basis of development, but also the carrier of culture. How to highlight the corporate personality in the development of private enterprise culture and state-owned enterprise culture, sinotruk trump has been tirelessly exploring. To change, we need courage and courage. To transform, we need to be open-minded and pioneering. Since the reorganization of the trump card of heavy truck, we have adhered to the integration of innovation and harmony, and focused on creating a mark in the history of automobile in the western region, leading a new development trend. Aiming at the business target of producing and selling 60000 vehicles in 2014, sinotruk trump put forward the concept of "quality makes the future and marketing wins the market", and introduced four promotion measures at the annual business conference: comprehensively improving product quality and implementing differentiated marketing; Further expand the marketing service network, and continue to cultivate and build the trump fortress market of heavy truck according to the classification of ABC lines and the progressive goal of share; Integrate and improve the executive power of the supporting, distribution and service industrial chain system, and effectively build a symbiotic and win-win rapid development platform; Follow up the assessment with objective management, and promote the off-season with the peak season, so as to promote the realization of the annual business objectives

some people say that first-class enterprises make brands and second-class enterprises make products. We don't need to study the bias of this statement, but it is an indisputable fact that the successful introduction of the corporate culture, core values, quality standards, etc. of the Heavy Truck Group has once again revitalized Chengdu trump card, created outstanding performance against the trend, and formed an increasingly distinctive brand image

three years ago, Chengdu ace joined sinotruk for new development due to the bottleneck of development; Three years later, a brand-new trump card of SINOTRUK jumped into the world's vision, and is comprehensively displaying and interpreting the unique industry advantages, advanced technology and profound corporate culture of SINOTRUK. Over the past three years of restructuring, the leading group and all employees of SINOTRUK have experienced the tempering of internal and external difficulties of the enterprise after the restructuring due to the easy wear of the jaws holding the samples. They have solved many development problems in the context of the current situation and market development and changes. The company has entered the track of steady development and virtuous cycle, and has begun to move towards a new era of city and land invasion, comprehensive quality and efficiency improvement, and comprehensive upgrading

the lion roars southwest, shocking Juxian. With the completion and operation of the new base of SINOTRUK trump and the mass production of trump w5g medium and heavy trucks, a new and dynamic Chengdu trump commercial vehicle company of SINOTRUK group, which has comprehensively formed the manufacturing capacity of a full range of commercial vehicles of heavy, medium, light and micro, is growing healthily in the vast west of China, laying a solid foundation for the transformation and upgrading of SINOTRUK and accelerating the process of internationalization. Sinotruk trump is determined to firmly grasp the development opportunities, strive to enhance the overall competitive strength of the enterprise, constantly expand its market influence in the southwest region and even the whole country and even the world, make 012 new plant become an important commercial vehicle production base in the country, and make new and greater contributions to local development, industrial economy and the transformation and upgrading of SINOTRUK group

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