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The general office of Hebei provincial government recently issued the implementation opinions on further promoting the pilot work of paid use and trading of emission rights, which proposed that the current sample fracture of the four key industries of steel, cement, electric power and glass should be completed by July 1 this year, and the emission rights of the existing emission units in the above four industries should be initially verified on both sides. Before the end of the year, the existing emission units in the above four industries should implement the paid use of emission rights, Complete the initial verification of emission rights of existing emission units in all industries

the pollutants used and traded with compensation in the implementation of emission rights are the main pollutants for the national total amount control, including chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia nitrogen, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides at this stage. Our province proposed that by the end of 2016, the existing emission units in all industries will fully implement the paid use of emission rights. By the end of 2017, the pilot of paid use and trading of emission rights will be completed, and the province will basically establish a system of paid use and trading of emission rights

Hebei Province will reasonably determine the standards for paid use and transaction transfer of emission rights according to the cost of pollution control, industry affordability, regional environmental bearing space, scarcity of environmental resources, etc. The initial emission right indicators of existing pollutant discharge units will be verified and allocated by the environmental protection department according to the national and local pollutant discharge standards. Pollutant discharge units that do not comply with the national industrial policies will not be verified. The existing pollutant discharge units obtain the initial emission right and adopt the quota transfer method

the newly added emission rights of new (modified and expanded) projects are obtained by public auction, and the auction base price is not lower than the standard of initial emission rights transfer. The unit that has obtained the pollution discharge right with compensation shall not be exempted from its obligation to pay the pollution discharge fee and other relevant taxes in accordance with the law

Hebei Province stipulates that emissions trading should meet the requirements of regional environmental quality and total amount control, and be carried out in strict accordance with the source of emissions indicators. If the task of reducing the total emission of the narrow speed regulation range of the previous year is not completed, the purchase and lease of the emission rights of major pollutants of all pollutant discharge units in the Administrative Region shall be suspended. If the environmental quality does not meet the requirements, emissions trading that increases the total amount of local pollutants shall not be carried out. The project construction unit shall give priority to purchasing emission right indicators in the administrative regions with relatively large friction of the bank. If the emission rights are traded across administrative regions at or above the county level, it is necessary to meet the requirements of environmental function compliance and total amount control of the administrative region, which is confirmed by the environmental protection department of the administrative region

industrial pollution sources shall not trade emission rights with agricultural pollution sources. Emissions trading involving water pollutants is limited to the same river basin. In principle, thermal power enterprises shall not conduct emissions trading involving air pollutants with enterprises in other industries

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