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Analysis of the main gap between domestic food packaging machinery and the world

the main gap between domestic food packaging machinery and the world:

1. Low production efficiency, high energy consumption, poor stability and reliability, backward product modeling, rough appearance, low service life of basic parts and supporting parts, and poor quality of domestic pneumatic and electrical components

2. Control technology is rarely used. Such as remote control technology, stepping motor technology, information processing technology, etc. Experts pointed out that Germany, Italy, the United States and Japan are leading in the level of packaging machinery in the world. Among them, the technology of molding, filling and sealing machinery and equipment in the United States has been updated rapidly. For example, the liquid filling machine produced by ejf can realize gravity filling, pressure filling and positive pressure mobile pump filling. That is to say, any liquid with viscosity can be realized as long as the filling method is changed through microcomputer control

German packaging machinery is world-class in terms of measurement, manufacturing and technical performance. The beer and beverage filling equipment produced in this country has fast production speed, high degree of automation and good reliability. It is mainly reflected in: the automation of process flow and high production efficiency meet the requirements of short delivery time and reducing process cost; The equipment has higher flexibility and flexibility. It is mainly reflected in the flexibility of production, structure and supply to meet the needs of product upgrading; Using computer and simulation technology to provide complete sets of equipment, the failure rate is low, and remote diagnosis services can be carried out; Less environmental pollution, mainly including noise, dust and waste pollution

40% of the packaging machines produced in Italy are food packaging machines, such as candy packaging machines, tea packaging machines, filling machines, etc. The product is characterized by elegant appearance, excellent performance and low price. The biggest advantage of Italian packaging machinery industry is that it can design and produce according to the requirements of users, and can ensure the good completion of design, production, testing, supervision, inspection, assembly, adjustment and user demand analysis

Japanese food packaging machinery, although mainly small and medium-sized single machines, has small volume, high precision, easy installation, convenient operation and high degree of automation

with the development of world science and technology, developed countries have integrated nuclear energy technology, microelectronics technology, laser technology, biotechnology and system engineering into traditional machinery manufacturing technology. New alloy materials, polymer materials, composites, inorganic non-metallic materials and other new materials have also been promoted and applied. The integration, intelligence, networking and flexibility of food packaging machinery will become the mainstream of future development. The future manufacturing industry will show the following characteristics:

■ production scale: small batch, few varieties, large batch, many varieties, changing batch

■ resource allocation: labor-intensive, equipment intensive, information intensive, knowledge intensive

■ production mode: manual mechanization, single machine automation, rigid flow automatic line, flexible automatic line, intelligent automatic line

■ process method: pay attention to pre and post-processing and process equipment, so that manufacturing technology becomes a complete set of technology integrating process method, process equipment and process materials

■ process control: take the control of logistics, inspection, packaging and storage processes as an integral part of manufacturing technology

■ establish a product cycle system: design, production, preparation, processing, manufacturing, sales, maintenance, recycling, and the whole process forms a virtuous cycle

facing the market demand and the gap between China's food packaging machinery, how to increase the pace of independent innovation and strive to develop a number of products with independent intellectual property rights and international advanced level in a short time is an urgent task for China's food packaging machinery enterprises

innovation of food packaging machinery in China

1. Production efficiency and electromechanical integration. It is the key to realize the automation of packaging machinery and ensure the reliability and stability of equipment. In the future, the machinery will develop in four directions. First, the packaging machinery with multiple switching functions can meet the needs of the market; Second, the structural design is standardized and modular, making full use of the original model for module design, and converting the model in a short time; Third, intelligent control. At present, PLC power load is widely used in food packaging machinery. At present, the main electronic testing machines of the factory include: LCD electronic tensile testing machine, microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine controller. Although PLC has great flexibility, it still does not have the powerful functions that computers have; Fourth, the structure is high-precision. The key parts related to the performance of the equipment, such as structural design and structural control, are realized through the motor, encoder, NC digital control and PLC power load control, and appropriately extend the product function, making the food packaging machinery a high-tech product

2. High utilization of resources. It is mainly to improve the comprehensive utilization of resources by equipment, make the best use of everything, improve the extraction rate of effective ingredients, and reduce the loss of food nutrition

3. Energy saving of equipment. Widely adopt energy-saving technology in equipment, strive to reduce production costs and improve economic benefits

4. Practicality of high technology. Microcomputer technology, vacuum technology, aseptic packaging technology, membrane separation technology, ultra-high pressure sterilization technology, etc. are adopted to improve the quality and storage period of packaged food

in a word, food packaging machinery should develop in the direction of knowledge intensive, technology integrated and product intelligent. The packaging industry should concentrate on scientific research, take the development of complete sets of equipment urgently needed by China's food industry as the key to tackle key problems, launch new varieties and fill the gap

the heating foaming process of food packaging machine is relatively easy due to different testing items. The new technology on machinery

1, design standardization and modularization. Manufacturers in developed countries all attach great importance to the versatility of packaging machinery components. Modular design means that in order to develop different products with multiple functions, it is not necessary to design each product separately, but to design many modules, and then combine these modules according to different ways to solve the contradiction between product varieties and specifications in the manufacturing cycle and cost

2. Mechatronics. The realization of electromechanical integration of food packaging machinery is a technological innovation and inevitable trend under the rapid development of contemporary science. Introducing mechatronics technology into food packaging machinery can develop intelligent packaging technology, so that food packaging can be fully automated according to the process requirements. At the same time, the monitoring and control of the production process and the diagnosis and elimination of faults can be completed automatically. So as to achieve high speed, high quality, low consumption and safe production. The application of mechatronics technology in the precise measurement, high-speed filling and automatic packaging control of aquatic products can simplify the structure of packaging machinery, optimize the performance and improve the quality of products. Another example is the commonly used plastic bag sealing machine, whose sealing quality is directly related to the material of packaging materials, sealing temperature and sealing speed. If these factors change, the production process control will be more difficult. If the microcomputer control is adopted, the best matching parameters of various packaging materials, sealing temperature and sealing speed are input into the microcomputer memory, and the necessary sensors are equipped to form an automatic tracking system, the sealing quality can be guaranteed no matter how the process parameters change

3. Application of servo motor. In food packaging machinery, many enterprises use stepping motors to replace ordinary motors, which plays an important role in improving the performance of equipment. Stepper motor is a discrete motion device, which has essential connection with modern digital control technology and is widely used in digital control. However, the stepper motor has some weaknesses, such as low control accuracy, long starting time (the starting time of the stepper motor is 200~400 milliseconds, and the starting time of the servo motor is only a few milliseconds), poor overload capacity and so on. Using servo motor instead of stepping motor can improve the control accuracy of food packaging machinery

new food packaging technology

in recent years, many packaging technologies have been applied in food packaging, such as blister and body fitting packaging technology, shrink and stretch packaging technology, vacuum and inflatable packaging technology, mold proof and anti-corrosion packaging technology, sterile packaging technology, etc. There are also some new packaging technologies in the world that will be popularized and popularized in the future:

1. Microwave continuous sterilization technology. Microwave continuous sterilization technology is a sterilization method that uses 2500mhz high frequency to heat food

the polar molecules produced by microwave in the organism produce a strong rotation effect in the microwave magnetic field, causing the vegetative cells to lose activity or break the enzyme system of microorganisms, resulting in the death of microorganisms. Microwave continuous sterilization technology has a broad application prospect in the sterilization and preservation of solid food

2. Ultra high pressure sterilization technology. Also known as high hydrostatic pressure technology. This technology uses liquid as the pressure medium to make the food under high pressure, which leads to the denaturation of microbial protein, the loss of enzyme activity, and finally the death of bacteria. The University of Georgia used this method to sterilize orange juice, and no deterioration was found after 90 days of storage at 4 ℃. This sterilization method can keep the color, aroma and taste of food unchanged, and protein and vitamins will not be reduced

3. Electrostatic sterilization technology. Food is not directly placed in an electric field, but is treated with particle air and ozone formed by electric field discharge. At present, the international use of brain computer interface technology in the human brain can better realize the successful grasp of a specific object (such as a paper cup and a ball) under the control of ideas. The sterilization mechanism is that the strong oxidation electrode potential formed by 03/h2o has a ring breaking effect on the cell membrane and phosphorus and protein in the cell wall of microorganisms. When 03 enters the cell, it will break the enzyme and genetic material, so as to kill microorganisms. Ozone and water are mixed to form ozone water, which can replace hydrogen peroxide and treat sterile packaging containers

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