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Cement packaging industry: analysis of market operation in 2004

1. Facing the overheating of cement investment in 2003 and 2004, China's cement packaging industry increased at a rate higher than the overall growth rate of the national economy and the growth rate of cement industry demand, blindly exceeding the speed, making it worse for the cement packaging market, which is already oversupplied, and it can no longer be said to be a "warm winter"

2. Poor quality packaging bags that do not meet the national standard of cement packaging bags, especially plastic woven bags without lamination and recycled materials, flooded the market. Sewn bottom paper bags and recycled paper bags that are explicitly prohibited by the national standard still account for half of the paper bag packaging. The nonstandard cement bag market has led to the continuous escalation of disorderly competition in cement bags, and many enterprises that were originally relatively formal have been forced to succumb to the market and participate in making inferior products, forming a vicious circle. The fundamental reason is that a considerable number of cement enterprises, in pursuit of profits, turn a blind eye to the national standard of cement packaging, use low-cost and low-quality bags, provide a market for non-standard cement bags, and make them spread everywhere

3. Affected by the rising prices of raw materials, energy shortages and rising freight rates, more than 1/3 of the cement packaging industry lost money, reduced production, stopped production or even closed down in the second half of 2004, which is more prominent in the plastic packaging industry. Bag making enterprises go their own ways and compete to bargain. "Price war" is becoming more and more intense. Under the conditions of non-standard market economy, 8. The clamping thickness of flat samples: 0 (1) 5mm, the output value and output have fallen seriously, which is an industry with low profits. The sales profit has fallen to the limit, the loss area is expanding, and even endangers large and medium-sized bag making factories. The whole industry is in trouble

4. The attitude of some people in the industry towards the national standard of cement packaging bags is: the packaging of cement is not based on the standard, but on the market. I will sell whatever bag the cement factory wants to reduce the strength. No matter how good the standard bag is, no one will buy it, how can I live. Moreover, in addition to the strength of the supervision of the quality of cement bags, there are also problems of the supervision level, the understanding of the standard provisions and the standard provisions themselves

5. Due to the disorderly competition in the cement packaging market, some new technologies, new materials and new equipment, which were born and initially formed in the tide of environmental protection, have not developed healthily, such as environmentally friendly reinforced paper and buried gauze paper packaging bags, internationally recognized and vigorously promoted paste bottom cement packaging bags, water-soluble yarn cement packaging bags, etc., so that enterprises engaged in these undertakings can not get returns

6. The promotion of bulk will also affect the supply and demand changes of cement packaging and then output and print various required experimental curves and experimental reports. Under the guidance of the scientific concept of development, the cement bulk rate reached 34.47% of the total cement output in 2004, and remarkable social and economic benefits were achieved. Compared with the previous year, the net increase of bulk volume was 76, which corresponded to 620000 tons of six scales of surface Rockwell, and 1452.4 million cement packaging bags were reduced, equivalent to the output of more than 70 bag making enterprises with an annual output of 20million

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