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Heavy! "Gold medal service in the whole process" -- XCMG released the first service brand in the loader industry

heavyweight! "Gold medal service in the whole process" - XCMG released the first service brand in the loader industry

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XCMG released the first service brand in the loader industry

after several years of silence and downturn, China's loader industry ushered in recovery in 2017. However, the reversal of sales volume can not completely offset the checks and balances of the industry and market stall on the overall healthy operation of construction machinery enterprises in the past few years, and the value development of end-user groups is almost stagnant

as the leading benchmark of China's loader industry, XCMG shovel transportation first realized the changes in the industrial environment, market environment, user needs and user business environment, and thought deeply about the real needs and needs of customers in today's era. Shouldering heavy responsibilities bravely, XCMG has actively explored both products and post market services, leading the industry to a new journey

XCMG service brand "gold medal service full process" logo

XCMG is committed to building XCMG loader products that are "technologically advanced and indestructible", studying and realizing the demand characteristics of each market segment to the extreme, and continuously making breakthroughs in the field of medium and high-end products without stopping for a moment. In the severe working conditions of mines, ports, coal, railways and other heavy loads that restrict the buckling/extension of adjacent segments, XCMG loaders are everywhere, becoming the first choice for more system users and large users to purchase in batches

in terms of post market services, XCMG conducted in-depth research on user equipment use, equipment management, construction process, parts supply, second-hand equipment circulation and other links through continuous and large number of user visits, and put forward the value-added service concept of "personal, intimate, full life cycle, full value chain", and raised China to the level of brand construction

on April 11, taking the opportunity of the launching of the "shovel hero" competition of China's good forklift in Wuhan station, XCMG loader grandly released the service brand of "gold medal service, all-out service"

Liang Hui, deputy general manager of the marketing company of XCMG shovel and transportation machinery division, Liu Xuewen, chairman of Wuhan Weite Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., and nearly 200 key customer representatives from Hubei and surrounding areas with new trends such as heavy sound insulation and noise reduction and light metal replacement witnessed the birth of the first service brand in China's loader industry

Ms. Panling, Secretary of the general Party branch of the marketing company of XCMG shovel Transportation Division, first made a welcome speech. As a continuation of the industry development concept of "shovel industry ecology +", XCMG has ushered in a new chapter in implementing the supply side reform. Secretary pan pointed out that "intelligent, efficient and professional", "accurate prediction, rapid response and accurate in place" have become the DNA of XCMG loader service. Please experience and review it

at the meeting, the VCR summarized and reviewed the service activities and measures of XCMG loaders in recent years, and comprehensively demonstrated the strength and ability of XCMG's services

president Liang and Chairman Liu jointly unveiled XCMG's service brand, and XCMG's loader service logo and service slogan were unveiled

president Liang made a wonderful interpretation of the newly released XCMG loader service brand. On the basis of the "gold medal value project" that XCMG shovel transport has worked hard for several years, it has been upgraded, systematized and theorized again to the level of service brand, providing users with more quantitative, more specific and more practical standards from the aspects of service content, service response, service guarantee, etc., and exceeding the value of displaying the corresponding scale, which is more traditional "after-sales service" concept

"all life, all-weather, all-round, all-round process", XCMG loader service is intimate and unlimited. 131400, a lifetime, 0 distance, 0 obstacles. The connotation of XCMG's "gold medal service, full process" brand infects everyone on the scene

"with 119 domestic maintenance service centers, hundreds of millions of yuan of spare parts reserves in 742 service and spare parts points, and XCMG IOT system, XCMG shovel transportation has the ability to provide users with more intelligent, efficient and professional value-added services." General manager Liang said. The service brand of "gold medal service and full effort" carries the in-depth thinking of XCMG loaders on customer service for decades, and the efforts XCMG has made for customer proliferation in the era of Internet big data

due to the high confidence in the product quality of XCMG loaders, President Liang also released the new standard of compensation for 24-hour lost time at the meeting, which was the first in the industry and once again led the industry to a new level of service

what XCMG loader said and promised today is of milestone significance in terms of serving customers and pursuing customer affection in the whole life cycle. In the loader industry, and even in the whole construction machinery industry, XCMG has never had such a strong voice of sharing weal and woe and win-win development with its customers

on behalf of XCMG, the service team of Wuhan Weite Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. solemnly issued a service commitment to users "

15 minutes of response, 2 hours in place, 24 hours of repair, practice the gold medal service of all-weather, all-round, full process and full life cycle with practical actions, and spare no effort to escort our customers to continue to grow and strengthen throughout the whole process."

marked by the release of service brands, XCMG loader has achieved a magnificent transformation from a product manufacturer to a provider of professional talent training programs for new materials in the same phase of the complete set Party committee. Good products, build a bridge between XCMG and customers; Good service and fulfill the promise of common development between XCMG and customers

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