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Heavyweight: seven types of instruments and meters are supported by strategic emerging industries

strategic emerging industries represent the direction of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, and are the key areas to cultivate new drivers of development and obtain new competitive advantages in the future

in the past two years, a number of new technologies, new products, new formats and new models have emerged in strategic emerging industries. In order to better guide all departments and regions to carry out work related to strategic emerging industries, further guide the direction of social resources, and give play to the leading role of strategic emerging industries in the transformation and upgrading of economic growth and promoting high-quality development, The inter ministerial Joint Conference Office for the development of strategic emerging industries openly solicits opinions from the whole society on the revision of the guidance catalogue for key products and services of strategic emerging industries (2016 Edition). The deadline for this solicitation is October 12

seven key instruments and meters, including electronic special equipment and instruments, marine environment monitoring and detection equipment, medical inspection and inspection instruments and services, new energy vehicle testing equipment, environmental monitoring instruments and emergency treatment equipment, marine water quality and ecological environment monitoring instruments and equipment, were supported. The information of the instrument is excerpted as follows:

1.3.6 special electronic equipment instruments

coating, sputtering, etching and other equipment for semiconductor production. High precision automatic printer, high-speed multi-function automatic mounter, lead-free reflow welder and other electronic components surface mounting and whole machine assembly equipment. High performance permanent magnet component production equipment, metallized ultra thin film power capacitor production equipment, ultra small chip component production equipment, high-density printed circuit board production equipment and other new electronic component equipment. High end electronic special measuring instruments. TD LTE

and other new generation communication and network testing instruments, semiconductor and integrated circuit testing instruments such as digital analog mixed signal integrated circuit testing system, memory tester, analysis and testing instrument, digital TV signal source, digital audio and video tester, image quality analyzer, network quality and safety tester, etc

2.5.4 marine environment monitoring and detection equipment

sensors, equipment and systems for marine hydrometeorological shore based and offshore platform based observation stations, marine hydrometeorological observation sensors, equipment and systems, hydrometeorological and water quality observation buoys, submarines, seabed based, mobile observation platforms (AUV, RO means connecting experimental motor source V, glider, etc.), marine water quality and ecological elements measurement sensors and equipment, Acoustic measurement and detection equipment, optical measurement and detection equipment, high-frequency ground wave radar, s/c/x-band wave measurement radar, water level and wave radar, marine general communication module, marine hydrological and geological survey winch, deep-sea general materials and connectors and other auxiliary equipment

4.2.1 medical imaging equipment and services

medical imaging equipment. Including multi-energy multi-slice spiral computed tomography (CT), permanent magnetic resonance or high field superconducting magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), magnetoencephalography (MEG) and functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), positron emission tomography (PET), high-performance ultrasound imaging (USI) and their integrated multimodal hybrid imaging equipment; High performance electronic endoscope/endoscope (ES) (such as gastroscope, laryngoscope, bronchoscope, laparoscope, arthroscope, etc.) and its ultrasonic, optical coherence, fluorescence, confocal and other composite modal imaging systems; High performance digital radiography (DR), digital angiography (DSA), and specialized digital radiography of gastrointestinal, breast, bladder, oral cavity, etc; Portable, portable, mobile, vehicle mounted and other multifunctional medical imaging systems and their supporting equipment. The core components include high field superconducting magnet, Superconducting RF array surface coil, MRI

cryogenic refrigerator, high heat capacity X-ray tube, fast multi row CT detector, amorphous silicon/

oxide flat X-ray detector, magnetic compatible all digital solid PET detector, high density array ultrasonic probe, low dose detector and other core components and key technologies. Medical imaging services. Including supporting equipment and technology related to remote image diagnosis, mobile image diagnosis and treatment, third-party medical imaging center and other services

4.2.3 medical examination and testing instruments and services

medical examination and testing instruments. It includes ECG, EEG, EMG, evoked potential, ophthalmomyoelectric and other electrophysiological signal detection analyzers, new-type vascular function, cardiac function, pulmonary function and cardiopulmonary function test analyzers, continuous ambulatory ECG, EEG, blood pressure, blood glucose, hemoglobin and other detection analyzers, low physiological and low psychological load respiratory and sleep monitoring analyzers, and multi-functional and multi parameter physiological parameter monitors; Doppler blood flow imager, ultrasonic bone densitometry analyzer, ophthalmic optical coherence tomography (OCT) and other specialist diagnostic equipment; Noninvasive/minimally invasive intracranial pressure monitor, noninvasive/minimally invasive blood glucose tester, noninvasive in vivo biochemical analysis device; Health information terminals, general examination devices, life information monitoring devices and their related information systems and cloud platforms based on IOT, wearable, sensor networks, mobile communications, global positioning and other technologies; Screening and diagnosis equipment for major chronic diseases such as lung cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, etc

in vitro diagnostic testing instrument. Including high-precision, high-throughput (fast), fully automatic biochemical, electrolyte, blood gas, urine, body fluid, feces, vaginal secretions, hemoglobin, glycosylated hemoglobin, specific proteins, blood cells, microorganisms, metabolism, nutrition, hemagglutination and other detection and analysis instruments (including dry-type) and their disease diagnosis and screening information systems; Full automatic, high-throughput, high-sensitivity enzyme-linked photometry, electrochemical, chemiluminescence, electrochemical luminescence, fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence, homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence and other methods of immunoassay system, tissue/cell detection and analysis related instruments, immunohistochemical automatic staining instrument and its supporting reagents; Medical mass spectrometry analyzer, medical chromatographic analyzer, micro spectrophotometer, automatic blood group analyzer, flow cytometer, confocal scanner, on-site rapid multiparameter biochemical detector (POCT), microbial culture instrument; Mercury free thermometer, various in vitro diagnostic reagents, test paper and their supporting equipment and consumables

molecular diagnostic testing instrument. Including real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument, fluorescence in situ hybridization instrument, high-throughput gene sequencer, thermostatic chip nucleic acid real-time detection system, biochip reader, biochip hybridization instrument why? 1. Biochip dryer, super-resolution molecular micro imaging system, fast and automatic nucleic acid extractor; Molecular biological information analysis and processing system

medical examination and testing services. It includes supporting equipment and technology related to services such as third-party in vitro diagnosis center, health examination center, health archives and information collection center, molecular diagnosis information center, health cabin, etc

Chinanews, August 12, according to Russian media reports, 5.3.4 new energy vehicle test equipment

battery unit, battery module, battery system research and development test equipment, battery simulator equipment; AC electric dynamometer, powertrain test bench, high-performance chassis dynamometer, motor drive transmission system assembly and other transmission system R & D test bench; Fuel cell system test equipment; NVH test bench for new energy vehicles and parts, new energy shift system test bench (including low temperature test bench), new energy hydraulic test bench; New energy vehicle offline detection equipment and maintenance diagnosis equipment

7.2.6 environmental monitoring instruments and emergency treatment equipment

air pollution monitoring and detection instruments. Including air quality and pollution source monitoring system, PM2.5 component analyzer, engineering equipment of vehicle exhaust cloud detection system, high-precision coal-fired flue gas pollutant monitoring system for ultra-low emissions, toxic and heavy metal monitoring system, persistent organic pollutants (PPOs) automatic detection system, volatile organic pollutants (VOCs) automatic detection system, organic carbon/

elemental carbon (oc/ec) full-automatic analyzer Laser process gas analysis system

water quality pollutant monitoring and detection instruments. It includes biological toxicity water quality early warning and monitoring technology and equipment, portable wireless broad-spectrum intelligent spectrophotometer water pollutant detector, water quality volatile organic compounds (VOC) automatic analyzer, rapid screening instrument for genotoxic pollutants in water, fine control instrument of sewage treatment system, integrated mobile equipment for groundwater sampling and detection, and leakage monitoring/detection and early warning system of landfill liner

ecological environment monitoring and testing instruments. Including environmental remote sensing monitoring and quantity traceability standard equipment, multi species intelligent biological early warning instrument, rural ecological environment rapid detection equipment, chemical industry park environmental pollution monitoring and early warning system, and dangerous goods transportation carrier real-time monitoring system

solid waste detection instruments. It includes the technical level of China's universal tensile testing machine, the mobile solid waste heavy metal rapid detection device and the environmental risk analysis platform

environmental emergency detection instruments. It includes portable emergency monitoring instruments for heavy metals in soil, soil pollutant monitoring and detection instruments, environmental emergency monitoring vehicles (ships) and other equipment, portable on-site rapid measuring instruments, early warning and alarm instruments

7.2.8 marine water quality and ecological environment monitoring instruments and equipment

automatic nutrient analyzer, various organic matter (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, etc.) measuring instruments, yellow organic matter measuring instruments, heavy metal monitoring equipment (mercury, lead, etc.), algae monitoring equipment, marine water quality sensors (pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll, methane, carbon dioxide, etc.). Auxiliary management system for emergency monitoring of sudden marine pollution accidents, mobile field emergency monitoring equipment for marine pollution, monitoring system and equipment for transportation of marine polluted water bodies, etc

Annex: Guidance Catalogue for key products and services of strategic emerging industries (2016 Edition) pdf

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