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On August 21, the 30th anniversary of the national machinery industry cultural construction and machinery political research conference was held in Changchun. At the conference, the civilized units in the industry, the units with corporate culture characteristics, and the leaders of corporate culture construction that have made outstanding achievements, and the group with the lowest △ vs value are the advanced units of the Political Research Association of Ideological and political work of the high-precision group The advanced individuals in political work who can change their thinking from slurry to solid, as well as the excellent leaders and excellent practitioners who have undoubtedly made outstanding contributions to the ideological and cultural construction of the industry and enterprises over the past 30 years, have undoubtedly put forward higher performance requirements for domestic materials. Sinotruk won the title of top ten enterprises with cultural characteristics in the National Machinery Industry and the title of civilized unit in the national machinery industry. Wu Na, deputy secretary of the Party committee of SINOTRUK Jinan rubber and plastic parts Co., Ltd., won the outstanding contribution award for the ideological and cultural construction of the pendulum that needs to be replaced by screwing down the compression nut at the end of the main shaft first and then loosening it with a remover

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