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Hebei ensures that green buildings will account for more than 50% in 2020

Hebei ensures that green buildings will account for more than 50% in 2020

August 15, 2018

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Hebei Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development recently issued the notice on further promoting green building work, which proposed that users are sincerely welcome to contact us to accelerate the development of green buildings in the province and ensure that green buildings account for more than 50% of new urban buildings by 2020

fully implement green building standards. New civil buildings within the scope of urban construction land determined in the overall planning of cities and towns shall be constructed in accordance with green building standards. The competent department of urban and rural planning shall incorporate the contents of green buildings into the overall planning and detailed planning of cities, towns with stable and reliable performance, and clarify the requirements for building grade of green buildings in the planning conditions of construction land if the workbench has been raised. We will actively carry out the green transformation of existing buildings, and prepare the technical guidelines for green construction of rural housing. The specific new materials are as follows: and promote the atlas, and scientifically guide the construction of rural housing to implement the green building standards

promote the construction of ultra-low energy consumption buildings. We should take the construction of ultra-low energy consumption buildings as an important way to improve building energy efficiency and as the preferred building for green city construction. While comprehensively promoting the development of green buildings, we should maximize the improvement of building energy efficiency standards. Since 2019, for projects with a total construction area of more than 200000 square meters (including), a certain proportion of ultra-low energy consumption buildings should be clearly built in the planning conditions. We should promote the construction of residential quarters with full coverage of ultra-low energy consumption buildings, and encourage the centralized and continuous construction of ultra-low energy consumption buildings. Cities that have not yet started construction of ultra-low energy consumption buildings will strive to start construction before the end of this year

actively promote the development of prefabricated buildings. We should take prefabricated buildings as the preferred way of green construction in Hebei Province, continue to take steel structure buildings as the main direction of construction mode innovation, and vigorously develop prefabricated concrete buildings; Advocate the development of modern wood structure buildings in places where conditions permit, and constantly improve the proportion of prefabricated buildings in new buildings. Zhangjiakou, Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, Baoding, Handan, Cangzhou and counties (cities and districts) around Beijing and Tianjin should take the lead in development, and a certain range should be defined to comprehensively implement the prefabricated construction method; In order to speed up the development of other cities and counties, it is necessary to clarify the proportion and construction technology of prefabricated buildings. Public buildings invested by the government or mainly invested by the government should adopt the prefabricated construction method. For shanty town renovation projects invested by the government or mainly invested by the government, no less than 5% of the projects should be arranged to carry out prefabricated building demonstrations such as steel structures

vigorously promote new technologies and materials. Implement the green supply action of the whole construction industry chain, promote energy-saving doors and windows, high-performance concrete, high-strength steel bars, etc., reduce dust pollution and extend the service life of buildings. By 2020, the application rate of green building materials will exceed 40%. We will strengthen scientific and technological innovation and the promotion of new technologies, speed up research on key generic technologies for green buildings, and improve the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements in green buildings

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