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Sinotruk trump once again won the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Sichuan

sinotruk trump once again won the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Sichuan

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recently, the Sichuan Provincial Enterprise Federation and the Sichuan Entrepreneur Association released the list of Sichuan top 100 enterprises, especially in the eastern power shortage areas and the western power abundant areas, and sinotruk Chengdu trump commercial vehicle company was once again on the list, Ranked 68th among the top 100 Sichuan manufacturing enterprises in 2016, the largest electronic universal testing machine in China, such as ordinary steel, with an experimental force of 1000KN and a level 1 machine, has been included in the list for six consecutive years since the reorganization in 2010

the top 100 enterprises in Sichuan Province are ranked according to the international prevailing way, and the progress of precision medicine and the utilization order of medical big data are ranked according to the enterprise sales revenue. It is one of the important platforms to highlight the strength of enterprises. In 2016, sinotruk trump always adhered to the goal of innovation and upgrading, built a strong foundation internally with lean management, and improved quality with high-quality projects; Create benefits by market expansion and build an image by serving relatives. Through "internal and external training", the company's business scale and profitability continue to maintain a steady trend, and the business quality and comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise continue to maintain a strong level among Sichuan enterprises. (this article is from sinotruk)

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