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Heavy product assembly, jieerjie battle 2019 apex Asia

heavy product assembly, jieerjie battle 2019 apex Asia

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October 23, 2019, Shanghai - recently, jieerjie (JLG), the world's leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic boom fork loading, took part in the second Asian aerial work machinery exhibition (apex Asia) held in Shanghai New International Expo Center with a number of new products. Through product display and virtual reality experience, jieerjie showed the newly developed aerial work platform series to the industry, helping users understand the convenience and efficiency of aerial work platform operation, and helping to further popularize the application of aerial work platform

in 2019, on the 50th anniversary of the founding of jierje, jierje has successively released a number of new products, highlighting the inheritance and development of innovation as a leading enterprise in creating the aerial work platform industry. At this exhibition, the 18 meter curved arm aerial work platform 520aj, which fills the gap in the industry, and the electric scissor aerial work platform es1330l/es1530l/es1530lc, which is specially customized for the Asian market, all appeared, showing the comprehensive inspection of the water supply system of 1 lower water level controller by jierje to see whether it can supply water normally, technical ability and product research and development level

the picture shows the new 520aj and the first jib car 520aj with es1530l/es1530lc

18 meters working height on display in 2019 apex Asia. The launch of 520aj

520aj fills the market gap of diesel powered jib aerial work platform at 18 meters working height, mainly for steel structure, roof work, electromechanical, water supply and drainage, HVAC, infrastructure maintenance and industrial maintenance. The load of 520aj is 250 kg, which is more than 10% higher than the load commonly used in the industry. More people and materials can be lifted at one time. At the same time, the 520aj can be raised from the ground to the highest working height in only 40 seconds, and the lifting efficiency is increased by more than 37%, which will win more time for operators to work. The horizontal extension of 10.65 meters can provide a longer working distance. In addition, the 520aj is equipped with four-wheel drive, which has strong power and 45% climbing ability. It can work on a 5-degree slope and can well adapt to various harsh working conditions

in addition, it is easy to use. Jieerjie also optimized the system structure of 520aj, effectively reducing the failure rate and improving the convenience of equipment maintenance; At the same time, the fault diagnosis ability of 520aj has also been strengthened. The lower failure rate and the convenience of maintenance can effectively reduce the total cost of equipment ownership and improve the return on investment of leasing companies

on the day of this exhibition, jieerjie held the handover ceremony of Asia's first 520aj aerial work platform on the booth, attracting many visitors


es1330l/es1530l/es1530lc customized for the Asian market is the new light electric scissor type aerial work platform series products customized for the Asian market by jierje. This series of products includes 13 foot/15 foot wheel type and 15 foot crawler scissor type aerial work platforms. The operating height ranges from 5.8 meters to 6.5 meters, and the platform load is 227 kg, which all meet the ansi92.20 standard. Among them, the two wheeled products es1330l/es1530l are small and light, with a contraction height of only 1.9 meters. They can enter various transportation elevators for convenient transportation. At the same time, they are equipped with dual motor front drive motors, which have strong driving force, can easily cross obstacles, and can drive on the flat-panel transport vehicle without forklift, greatly improving the transportation efficiency. At the same time, the front wheel steering design of es1330l/es1530l can realize zero turning radius of the equipment and adapt to the compact working environment. As another member of the new light family, es1530lc adopts the rubber track design, which has stronger ability to cross obstacles and less pressure on the ground. This type of product adopts AC motor drive, which can realize in-situ rotation and meet the application needs of narrow space. At the same time, the chainless transmission design of es1530lc can significantly reduce the failure rate of traditional crawler equipment, save customers' later maintenance costs, and then improve the market rental rate of this product and the value preservation rate of second-hand equipment. This series of products are suitable for compact working environments, such as high-rise interior decoration and strict requirements on floor load-bearing. Nantong Johnson graphene Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Johnson & Johnson) is the data center and other buildings whose technology and products are on display at the China International Textile yarn exhibition

immersive virtual reality experience, innovative operation training methods

based on the emergence and maturity of virtual reality technology, jieerjie has developed a new training method, with the help of virtual reality technology, users can experience high-altitude operation. At this exhibition, jieerjie showed a set of accessready XR virtual reality simulator, which allows visitors to operate devices in a virtual reality environment and experience an interactive experience consistent with the real operation scene

it is understood that the simulator can simplify the training mode of aerial work platform, and can practice various typical operation skills in a real control mode without purchasing equipment and building a training site, while avoiding safety risks and equipment operation related costs

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