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Hebei elion oil filter, long-term guarantee for the engine

Hebei elion oil filter, long-term guarantee for the engine

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Hebei elion Technology Co., Ltd. as a benchmark industry for the filtration system of Chinese heavy truck and commercial ③ multinational enterprises with increased localized competition, in addition to conquering the air filter and fuel filter of more than 60 companies such as Sany Heavy Truck and FAW liberation, Under the light of these two benchmark products, there are oil filters for this kind of situation. Although it is small, it must not be underestimated

importance of oil filter

the oil filter is located in the engine lubrication system. Its upstream is the oil pump, and its downstream is all parts of the engine that need lubrication. Its function is to filter the harmful impurities in the oil pan oil, and supply the crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, supercharger, piston ring and other moving pairs with clean oil to lubricate, cool and clean, so as to prolong the service life of these parts and engines

but Hengrun instrument will always pay attention to customers and win trust. For a long time, many drivers have paid very little attention to the oil filter. I believe that many drivers have not seriously understood the oil filter. Every time I go to change the oil, I just change the oil. Although many stores give away the oil filter, is it really suitable to use the complimentary product for such an important position as oil filtration? Or the store owner didn't mention it, and the owner didn't know whether to change it, whether it needed to be changed, and what specifications and materials should be used. The performance is black in both eyes

so today, let's remind the majority of motorists that the oil filter must not be careless. Although the price of this thing is not expensive, it is also of great significance for the engine. It's not worth paying attention to lose a lot because of small things, so we should pay more attention

big brand quality comes down in one continuous line

today we want to talk about Hebei elion's oil filter, but there is great effort in it. The smaller it is, the more it tests its material and workmanship. The reason why Hebei elion's products can be recognized by many domestic heavy truck host companies is that in addition to the company's own patents, the materials are all top raw materials in the industry, and the oil filter is no exception

the shell of this oil filter is made of raw materials from domestic top steel enterprises. While the quality is excellent, the appearance and texture of this oil filter are of course not to be said. The most important filter material of the filter is the world-class brand long-life filter material. This material has the characteristics of high filtration precision and strong dirt holding capacity, which can meet the requirements of maintaining the efficiency of filtering impurities while ensuring sufficient flow when the oil temperature changes violently from 0 ℃ to 300 ℃

elion's products have a common feature, that is, long service life. The key to extending the service life of this oil filter is that the sealing ring is made of anti-aging material, which can withstand the multiple tests of high temperature, high pressure and high frequency of use that should be able to avoid the installation of electric drive and other devices. In addition, elion's oil filter also has a check valve with excellent performance and a bypass valve structure that accurately opens the pressure at critical moments to protect the engine and other parts

science and technology create a clean future

Hebei elion company plays a decisive role in the industry, especially in the heavy truck industry. It provides original supporting supplies for almost all well-known heavy truck enterprises in China. More than 60 automobile and truck host manufacturers such as Sany Heavy Truck, FAW Jiefang, Dongfeng commercial vehicle, beiben heavy truck, etc., which are well-known in the industry, also have long-term cooperative relationships. Moreover, Hebei elion company has gone abroad and began to expand its overseas market. It is not only Foton Daimler, but also one of the world's largest manufacturers of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, and industrial gas turbine machinery. Caterpillar's only domestic supplier of Engineering rotational plastic oil tanks, and has just won the caterpillar Excellence Award issued by caterpillar

since its establishment in 2003, Hebei elion Technology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to "filtration" as the industrial core and "technology creates a clean future" as its own responsibility. The Group continues to develop and manufacture domestic leading and international first-class nano electrostatic spinning, melt blown and other nano filter materials, which are widely used in automotive, industrial, civil and other fields such as air filters and liquid filters. It has successively cooperated with many colleges and laboratories, and continuously developed more than 30 patents, laying a solid foundation for establishing an industry benchmark

the world has seen the determination and perseverance of Hebei elion and the "filtration" industry to fight to the end after 18 years of hard work. The recognition and recognition of many partners is the benchmark set by Hebei elion in the "filtration" industry. I believe that as long as Hebei elion can continue to forge ahead in the "filtration" industry, "a clean future" will be achieved

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