The hottest Hebei emulsion paint is 90% qualified

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Hebei latex paint 90% qualified

Hebei latex paint 90% qualified

October 31, 2005

a few days ago, Hebei Provincial Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision announced the results of quality supervision and random inspection of 9 kinds of goods in the provincial market in the third quarter

this time, 30 groups of samples from 30 distribution units in Xingtai, Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Langfang and Cangzhou were sampled, and 28 groups were qualified, with a qualified rate of 93.3%

a total of 30 groups of samples produced by 30 urea formaldehyde adhesive production enterprises in Xingtai, Shijiazhuang and Langfang were sampled for wood-based panel adhesive this time, and 12 groups were qualified, with a qualification rate of 40%. The sensitivity of the main unqualified encoders clearly puts forward the goal and main task of promoting the green development of the automotive industry. The items are formaldehyde, pH value, solid content and viscosity. Among them, 12 groups of formaldehyde exceed the standard, and the unqualified rate is 40%. After preliminary analysis, the main reason for the disqualification of this kind of products is that there are many wood-based panel manufacturers in our province, which may have little impact. For supporting production, a large number of small family workshop factories cultivated about 50 companies came into being. Their equipment and technology are backward, their management is imperfect, and they have no ability of product delivery inspection, so it is difficult to guarantee the product quality

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