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Analysis of the main influencing factors of domestic epichlorohydrin supply: this week (12..21), the device failure and production reduction or shutdown of two domestic production enterprises, and the domestic operating rate fell slightly. Whether it can be restored next week is still uncertain. Since most production enterprises are mainly engaged in the execution of contracts and orders, the periodic tight supply situation may continue, which is conducive to the high-level operation of the spot market

raw material Market: supported by high oil prices, peripheral markets and downstream epoxy and polypropylene, Shandong propylene spot has slightly increased, and the mainstream merchants have increased to yuan/ton. The overall market mentality is acceptable; The market demand for liquid chlorine has not changed significantly. The mainstream negotiation in Shandong focuses on yuan/ton. At present, epichlorohydrin has long been decoupled from the raw material market, and the cost factor has little impact on it

downstream market: the overall start-up load of epoxy resin in January is OK, combined with the recent support of its downstream bottom reading or pre holiday stock demand, it can temporarily bear the current high price of raw materials, but the Spring Festival holiday is approaching, coupled with the tight supply of ECH, which may subsequently inhibit the start-up of some factories. The sharp rise of double raw materials of 2000 yuan/ton, respectively, needs to be converted in time and space, and due to the uneven costs of large and medium-sized enterprises and small factories, It is bound to affect demand if it rises significantly near ECH

external market: Recently, the production capacity of domestic lithium oxide battery related materials has been gradually transferred to China. At the same time, the technology of domestic leading enterprises has been continuously improved, and the chloropropane has increased significantly. In addition, the cost support price of downstream epoxy resin dual raw materials has significantly increased, and the acceptance capacity of the external market for cyclochlorine has been steadily improved. The external market has the possibility of further improvement, and the internal and external costs have been rising, which is conducive to the continuation of the high-level market. In order to make it convenient for customers to inquire, we explain the relevant products according to the classification of Jinan Hengxu experimental machine: the internal and external market of bisphenol a rose sharply this week, and the market surged to about 19500 yuan/ton at one stroke. Domestic manufacturers actively supported the price, and the overall market mentality was cautious and optimistic. It is expected that the increase will be digested next week, and the high level will fluctuate

bulk commodities: the principle and characteristics of the domestic bulk cupping tester this week, the rise and fall of commodities are differentiated, the performance of international crude oil is relatively strong, and the cost support, coupled with the weakening of the US dollar, has led to the overall strength of domestic petrochemical products. Near the end of the year, the inertia of market demand has weakened, and the general lack of confidence to do more

aftermarket forecast: at present, the overall supply of epichlorohydrin in spot is still tight, the contract supply of production enterprises will continue until the end of the month, and the short-term operating load is difficult to change significantly. Under the contradiction between supply and demand, it is expected that the high market will continue next week, further upward space is limited, and Shandong new materials industry association has been established

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