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Following the upsurge of whole house customization, the development trend of "big home" this year began to attract much attention. At present, "big home" has become a trend vane leading the development of customized home furnishing industry. With the recent IPO boom of home furnishing enterprises, the capital market also favors "big home furnishings". Will the "big home" strategy become the next outlet for home enterprises to seek market share? It is worthy of in-depth analysis by insiders. It is the key to implement the big home strategy and lay a solid foundation. The overall wardrobe brand Deville

the rise of post-80s and post-90s mainstream consumer groups has led to the boom of "big home"

is "big home" a concept to play or will it become the next round of outlets? Insiders agree that big home is the general trend of the future development of customized home, and it is a cross industry integration and upgrading that conforms to the consumption orientation

liushunping, general manager of marketing of europay home group, believes that big home is a cross industry integration and upgrading oriented by the overall home demand, which includes not only customized home, but also non customized products such as tiles, floors, ceilings, sanitary ware, etc. in fact, it is the upgrading and extension of the concept of "whole house customization", aiming to provide consumers with a one-stop service mode of high efficiency, high quality and high reputation

"big home is the future development direction of customized home furnishing industry, which has reached an industry consensus." Zeng Yong, Secretary General of Guangdong customization Industry Association, believes that "core market orientation + enterprise guidance" is the main factor to promote the transformation of customized home to large home. "As the post-80s and post-90s are increasingly becoming the main consumers, the market consumption mode is also quietly changing, which will inevitably prompt customized home furnishing enterprises to adjust and change their marketing strategies and modes according to the consumption orientation.

the landing threshold of" big home "strategy is high, and customized leading enterprises are the first to try

however, it is not so easy to truly implement big home furnishing into operation and practice. Zeng Yong believes that while the enterprise is expanding rapidly to various categories, how to ensure that the product quality and service quality are not affected is a major difficulty faced by big home

implementing the "big home" strategy and consolidating the foundation is the key

for how to cultivate and improve the big home system and make use of the capital market to expand and strengthen the home industry, insiders agree that capital is the help and consolidating the foundation is the key. It is fundamental to do a good job in the real economy composed of brand, production research and development, and online and offline channel services first

Deville suggests that enterprises can go step by step, first integrate customized products, and then gradually extend other categories. " Customized products are the most difficult and high barrier in the whole home decoration process, and 70% to 80% of customers' problems can be solved after customization. The second is to strengthen the training of designers and the research and development of customized software to improve the overall design ability of large home furnishings

in addition, improving delivery capacity is also the focus of implementing the big home strategy. Huang Dongjiang of Xinbiao household believes that the whole house customization involves multiple categories. As long as there is a problem in one category, the overall delivery will lag, affecting order delivery and brand reputation. Therefore, how to improve the overall operation capacity and non-standard manufacturing capacity is the key to ensure smooth operation and on-time delivery

secondly, with the help of modern high-tech production equipment and modern information systems, improving production, R & D and production capacity, replacing labor with intelligence, improving efficiency with machinery, promoting online and offline customer acquisition and drainage, as well as service process, order and production order processing, information query, material flow transportation, etc., are one of the core strategies of intelligent and information technology for large household enterprises

facing the temptation of big home furnishing and capital market, home furnishing enterprises should first consolidate the foundation, and then integrate and develop the secondary and tertiary industries on the premise of maintaining the core competitiveness of enterprises. They can also become bigger and stronger by means of mergers and acquisitions, acquisitions, landing in the capital market and other ways. From the objective level, although the home furnishing enterprises that try "big home" first will face development risks, it has to be said that "big home" is also the outlet for the development of home furnishing enterprises in the future. The outlet will boost the development of enterprises, and may also lead to the development direction of enterprises. Therefore, only with a solid foundation, can they not be randomly controlled by the "outlet" and change with the development environment

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