The quiet and beautiful enjoyment of paya's doors

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Nowadays, the complicated interpersonal relationships and strong work pressure in urban life make urban people yearn for a quiet and free lifestyle in their hearts

to decompress life, you naturally need a password, which makes the idyllic style just become a favorite. Just as children can't resist the temptation of candy and fairy tales, pastoral complex is also an irresistible dream of modern people who have experienced the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are the same, then advocating the pastoral style of "returning to nature" will be your closest choice to your dream

the soft and slow color, the fresh and comfortable feeling, and the pastoral wind make you feel calm and comfortable, as if you even breathe a little slower

create a comfortable residence for the dream of Taoyuan, with a simple and warm pastoral style. Whether it's eye-catching exaggerated colors or the most touching warm colors, the pastoral style that advocates returning to the natural home environment can decorate a dream world for you

Qingning nature

minimalist pastoral style

pastoral style has created its free, casual and uninhibited lifestyle, without too many artificial modifications and constraints, and inadvertently achieved another kind of casual romance. It has the luxury and noble spirit of Europa, but it also combines the fresh and natural of the countryside. The result of this combination is to remove many fetters, but also find a new nostalgia of cultural foundation Noble and generous style without losing freedom and casualness

romantic city

modern British pastoral style

most British pastoral style is fresh, elegant and elegant

light colors such as milk white and ivory white are usually used, which is the eternal theme of British pastoral style. The colors of the doors and windows and the home reflect and coordinate with each other, making the whole home full of retro flavor. Walnut is the key to the British pastoral style, which is indispensable, and the process is also very exquisite

elegant and peaceful

modern Chinese rural style

rural life has never been a fixed look. It can be as fresh and vivid as "the Yellow oriole in the dark summer wood", and it can also be as quiet and pleasant as "the deep trees in the twilight". The creation of Chinese rural home is also like this

the use of natural materials shows a sense of peace under the halo of quiet and low-key colors. It is decorated with elegant tracery patterns, which is more elegant

there are several plum trees in the corner,

Ling Han opens alone

remote knowledge is not snow,

for there is a faint fragrance

comfortable and warm

American pastoral style

American pastoral style is warm and pleasant. It advocates returning to the natural home environment and presents a leisurely and casual pastoral life. The overall feeling of the design tends to be plain and simple, creating a "Taoyuan world" away from chaos for us, and tasting it carefully

the mix and match design of natural materials and modern materials creates a fashionable and natural oxygen clearing space. With green plants and flowers, it is more comfortable and leisurely. In terms of color matching, the most resonant glacier grey is also selected, which is simple and gentle, adding a sense of transparency and elegance

an idyllic home is like having its own "Xanadu" surrounded by reinforced concrete. Even a pot of flowers is a sign of life, and it can also comfort and encourage your tired body and mind every day. One life, one autumn of vegetation. Paiya doors and windows, work together with you to create a paradise that belongs to you. May your heart be as clear as a mirror, and enjoy your fairy tale world quietly




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