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Today, I entered the exchange group and saw that everyone was discussing something. It turned out that a dealer friend had been cheated. The general thing is like this: This dealer friend was persuaded by a salesman who claimed to be a manufacturer and transferred money...

today, I entered the exchange group and saw that everyone was discussing something. It turned out that a dealer friend was cheated. The general thing is this: the dealer friend was persuaded by a salesman who claimed to be the manufacturer, and transferred the money. As a result, he didn't receive the goods after more than a month. After many unsuccessful communications, he was exposed in the group. The author has never encountered such a thing before, so he is more concerned about it

the wechat screenshot of the dealer

previously, the author also saw on the Internet that someone said that fingerprint lock joining in was deceptive and not trustworthy, because the manufacturer where he works has problems with products, and he has directly recalled them, which is not cheating at all. In my opinion, the reason for this situation in the industry is that the information is not right and the dealers do not understand the manufacturers thoroughly. If it is a regular manufacturer, this situation will certainly not occur - here Huangdi fingerprint lock manufacturer introduces two points that should be paid special attention to when joining fingerprint lock:

Baidu found the official website of the fingerprint lock manufacturer

(1) you can find the official website, address, contact information, official account (service number) and other information of the manufacturer. The more and more details, the better. If necessary, You can go to the manufacturer for inspection. As long as it is a regular business, these can be found (some, such as official account, may not be opened, but the official website should have). Search the official website and enter it to see whether its style and content are formal, and whether you can find important information such as business administration information, contacts, addresses, etc. If possible, it is also necessary to communicate with the person in charge of the manufacturer; Time permitting, you can also visit the manufacturer

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(2) when transferring money, you should try to go to the corporate account. If you want to smuggle, you should also identify the account designated by the manufacturer, which can be confirmed by other business personnel or relevant responsible persons of the manufacturer. The reason why it is difficult for the dealer to handle things is that the transfer is to go through a private account. As a dealer, you should pay more attention to such things. If a business person has to transfer his/her private account, he/she should check with the manufacturer to see whether the business person is on the job and whether the company has such regulations

choose regular manufacturers if you want to cooperate

it has to be said here that the industry is developing too fast, and it is indeed prone to some problems. However, as long as everyone is well prepared when joining, a lot of trouble can be avoided. As the dealer friend said, "I believe his sweet words", which also shows that the dealer does not know enough about his factory. If he knows more before joining, this problem should not occur. Fingerprint lock joining in was originally a good thing, but now this kind of problem has to be said to be distressing. Huangdi here also calls on the majority of fingerprint lock manufacturers and dealers to work together to build a good atmosphere, so that fingerprint locks can benefit you, me and him

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