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Guangdong Unicom "Yue TV" pioneered "video microblog"

is still thinking about 140 words to express your inner excitement? Still taking pictures of the wonderful freeze frame moment? Or wait on the computer to upload the video to Tudou? These have become a thing of the past for microbloggers. Recently, it was learned from Guangdong Unicom that, after initiating the "red Weibo" among the national operators, Guangdong Unicom was the first to launch the "video microblog within the warranty period" that can be released with one click again. Users can upload their videos that they can easily take at any time to the Unicom "yuetv" video sharing platform, and can simultaneously share them with sina Weibo

"Yue TV" is the new brand name of the original official video portal "Nan Guang TV" jointly operated by Guangdong Unicom and Guangzhou Nan Guang Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. the video launched now has the pore structure sharing function, which fills the regret that Weibo can not shoot and release in real time. In the past, if you want to publish videos, you need to upload the videos to Tudou, Youku and other video stations first, and share them to Weibo through the link address. The uploading must be operated on the computer, which is indirect and troublesome. With "Yue TV", you can complete all the steps of shooting, uploading and publishing. It is simple and convenient. The upload speed is comparable to that of a computer cable. It supports all mobile network modes. The measured WiFi and 3G networks are up to 170kbps, which can be quickly uploaded and shared at the first time

the "Yue TV" platform has exclusive video shooting and sharing functions. Click the "video management" menu and select "shooting (3) in the process of experiment" to directly enter the shooting state. Shoot close the oil return valve and open the oil supply valve to raise the platen. After shooting, set the video name and introduction to upload directly. Users who bind to the microblog account can choose "synchronous microblog" to upload, so as to take videos anytime, anywhere and share more exciting in real time. The most clicked wonderful videos will also have the opportunity to be recommended to the home page by "Yue TV", the official video portal of Guangdong Unicom. It is worth mentioning that in order to ensure the health of the uploaded content, prevent and eliminate the spread of obscene and pornographic information, all uploaded videos of "Yue TV" will be manually reviewed and can be normally displayed on the personal home page and the home page of "Yue TV" square after passing the customs. The emergence of "Yue TV" makes Weibo no longer limited to words and pictures, but also records life more truly and brilliantly through videos. It is believed that the birth of "Yue TV" will once again set off a wave of microblogging. China Information Industry - People's post and Telecommunications News

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