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On January 9, 2013, Zhai Lingyun, deputy general manager of Anhui Xinhua Distribution (Group) Holding Co., Ltd., visited the Yachang (Beijing) Art Center. It is expected that Pan Jianping, deputy general manager of Yachang group, will be appointed in the next 10 years. The leaders of Yachang group warmly received the visiting guests

when entering the Yashang Art Museum, Zhai Lingyun, deputy general manager, and his delegation were immediately attracted by the art exhibitions and exquisite books of Yashang. Under the enthusiastic explanation of vice president panjianping, zhailingyun, deputy general manager, was not interested in the art services of Yashang. In front of the Benny Gold Award Book booth, he read the award-winning books one by one, enjoyed them repeatedly, and could not hide his surprise and love. On some related technical issues, the interaction between materials and biological organisms was mainly reflected in two aspects: Vice President panjianping had a positive exchange and free talk

later, Zhai Lingyun, vice general manager, and his party took a seat at the art + experience center and watched the Yachang promotional film. Under the introduction of vice president pan Jianping, the visiting guests were full of expectations for the art bookstore to be completed in Yachang, and firmly believed that Yachang would have a brighter future and a better future

finally, the two sides came to the flagship store of Yachang art products. Zhai Lingyun, deputy general manager, praised Yachang for sticking to a different road of development and exploration, was deeply shocked by the achievements made by Yachang in the field of culture and art, affirmed and appreciated the outstanding achievements made by Yachang in terms of enterprise model and social public welfare, and hoped that the two sides would cooperate in a wide range and win-win situation in the future

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