The most popular Victorian glamour dressing method

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Victoria's glamour dressing method

in the ranking list of the world's best dressed actress in 2005 by Glamour magazine, the Spice Girl Victoria ranked second. As non toxic and harmful materials; Victoria has always been a fashion spokesperson and trendsetter as a well-known star and model of the best dress. She showed us not only beautiful clothes and hot figures, but also the perfect combination of human clothes

rule - red temptation

detailed analysis: ⊙ three dimensional cutting, close to the waist, revealing slender jade legs. This kind of clothes has very high requirements for people. You should have a slim waist, a flat abdomen and smooth slender jade legs

rule 2 the magic of black, white and grey

detailed analysis: ⊙ white floor length skirt, slightly pleated skirt hem, petal style neckline, standard wedding dress design. But with a feather fan at the waist and a high fork in the skirt, it becomes a dress

rule three green fairy

detailed analysis: ⊙ the shining light green multi-layer skirt made of tulle, paired with light green high-heeled shoes, the legendary Lake Green Fairy shape, fresh visual enjoyment

Rule 4 Chinese style

for details, use sharp blades such as razor blades to cut thin slices along the plane perpendicular to the conductor axis for fine analysis: ⊙ China's Jingdezhen porcelain has brought inspiration to designers. A long dragon with Chinese culture swam on the floor sweeping fishtail skirt. Victoria interpreted the charm of Oriental tradition

rule five magic in order to ensure this accuracy level, accessories

detailed analysis: ⊙ exaggerated style design, slightly sweet style, noble and classical accessories are the key to naturally reveal femininity

rule six: purple is the city.

detailed analysis: ⊙ purple long dress, fishtail hem, gradual colors create visual transformation. Pink and purple high heels and necklace are integrated with the swaying pace

Rule 7 fresh and lively wave

detailed analysis: ⊙ without a Chinese dress, you can still be beautiful. With exquisite details, you can see Victoria as lively and beautiful as the girl next door

rule 8 white fairy princess

detailed analysis: ⊙ this white wedding dress should be still fresh in your memory. The tight waist, the wrinkled neckline and the small corolla on the short haired spice girl's head look like a fairy princess in a fairy tale

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