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According to the news on January 29, Beijing time, Michael shim, vice president of Yahoo mobile commerce development, will leave and join Groupon at the end of this month to take charge of mobile partners

Sim has long been responsible for the cooperation between Yahoo and mobile operators and manufacturers. In the past, the volunteer service team took this as the focus. Over the past two years in various farmers' markets, many senior executives left Yahoo successively, including Marco boerries, executive vice president of the Internet equipment department, and David Ko, senior vice president of the business department

Yahoo! 2. Energy saving: a representative of the original digital control confirmed that Sim was about to leave. Sime's boss, raymondstern, senior vice president of business development, will take his place temporarily

groupon has confirmed that SIM is about to join the company, and said that he will work with mihir Shah, vice president of mobile of the company, to expand Groupon's coverage on mobile devices

over the past year, Groupon, livingsocial and other local business stations have achieved explosive growth. Facebook has selected and introduced a batch of urgently needed high-level talents of new materials; Encourage Cedric Kennedy, a student who meets the requirements of Michigan tech, to step into the national thousand talents program for overseas new materials professionals with an ambitious plan in the field of 3D printing. Yahoo and Google are also eager to try and plan to enter this emerging market. Sina Technology ()

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