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The whole set recommended by linkhead is also expensive. Vidyo brand won the award of "top ten video conference brands in 2020"

the winners of the annual brand selection of digital audio visual engineering sponsored by digital audio visual engineering, the Organizing Committee of digital audio visual engineering and digital audio visual engineering magazine have been announced recently. In this selection activity, through the online and offline voting of dealers, engineers, end customers and other industry stakeholders in the early stage, digital audio-visual engineering organized experts in the industry to conduct a comprehensive evaluation according to the performance of the selected enterprises in multiple dimensions such as product research and development, product market conditions, customer satisfaction and post product service, and finally selected outstanding brands in various fields through layer by layer selection. The vidyo brand recommended by linkhead, as a pioneer in the industry, with comprehensive and reliable services and high-quality products, has been recognized by the market for realizing the real high-end and technological development of relevant industries, and won the top ten brand award of video conference in 2020! Other enterprises that won the top ten video conference brands in 2020 this time are: vidyo brand recommended by Huawei, ZTE, Boyi poly, etc.

linkhead won the top ten video conference brands in 2020.

linkhead was founded in 1994. It is a Sino foreign joint venture high-tech enterprise focusing on mobile value-added, multimedia services and unified communication solutions. It is the general agent of dialogic China for more than 20 years, The products are widely used in telecommunications, mobile Internet, cloud computing, IOT and other industries

in 2012, linkhead saw the strong exploitability of the video conference market, launched video conference products and services in a timely manner, made continuous technological innovation, continuously developed functions to meet the needs of the times, and made the products iterate stably. In 2020, the vidyo brand that participated in this election adopted the advanced cloud video architecture, supported the flexible deployment of public cloud, hybrid cloud and private cloud, and helped government, enterprises and public institutions to carry out high-quality video collaboration. The vidyoportal integrated management platform is used to help customers independently manage the video conference system, including conference personnel, conference materials, conference processes, etc. it is easy to maintain and operate

linkhead's video communication solution based on vidyo can provide SDK customization function, integrate hardware and software, open API platform, realize self-service conference and self-service layout, support multi screen multi sharing, document sharing and other powerful functions, and won the top ten video conference brands award in 2020 with its strength

vidyo SDK video capability products provided by linkhead can not only realize customized video communication system, but also realize CCTV multi-party connection system, double teacher classroom, remote law enforcement, telemedicine, video call center, etc. Contact:, the speed control system is installed at the lower part of the workbench 3

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