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The development process of vibrating screen at home and abroad

[electromechanical technology to achieve the fullness of recycled plastic raw material particles] the research and production of foreign screening machinery have been started since the 16th century. With the development of industry, the application demand of screening machinery has increased greatly, which has led to its rapid development. By the 18th century, during the European industrial revolution, the research and application of screening machinery reached a high level

Shanyou heavy industry found that the development of screening machinery mainly went through three stages:

the first stage. Before and after liberation, China's vibrating screen mainly introduced the technology of the former Soviet Union and imitated the circular vibrating screen and hanging linear vibrating screen designed and manufactured by the Soviet Union. The harm of these heavy metals to human body and the pollution to the environment should be considered to be successful in the imitation selection of screening machinery, which not only meets the domestic production demand, but also cultivates a number of technical personnel and lays a solid foundation for the development of screening machinery in China

the second stage: in the 20 years from the 1960s to the 1980s, China has successively developed and produced a number of vibrating screening equipment with excellent performance, such as the cold and hot mineral sieve series, the coal single shaft, self synchronous linear vibrating sieve series, and the equal thickness probability sieve series

the third stage: after the 1980s, with the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of science, technology and processing and manufacturing level, the research and development of screening machinery has also stepped into a new milestone and achieved a series of gratifying results. The circular vibrating screen produced by Shanyou heavy industry, a well-known domestic enterprise, has won high praise from many large customers at home and abroad. It is also the first heavy industry enterprise in China to provide customers with the production line of the whole crushing equipment, and its functions are becoming more and more perfect

(source: electromechanical correspondent: zhangjinyou: zhanghuijuan)

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