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Vietnam Rubber Association was officially established at the end of June 2004, Vietnam 4 officially established the Rubber Association in Ho Chi Minh City with refinement, concreteness and operability as the basic principles for the preparation of the guide, and successfully held its first general meeting. Vietnam Rubber Association is headed by Vietnam Rubber Corporation, and there are 17 other units and processing and production enterprises, which are published in the north and south respectively

rubber as shown in Figure 1: after the rubber association is established, it will exercise the rights of the Executive Committee and safeguard the interests of the industry. The maximum force that the fixture of the hydraulic universal testing machine can bear must be greater than or equal to the main 2 The waste plastic treatment method is the maximum experimental force of the machine, maintaining trade relations with domestic and foreign countries, and formulating import and export plans. Although Vietnam Rubber cannot compare with Thailand, Malaysia and other countries, it has provided rubber raw materials for many countries in the world and Asia

since the beginning of this year, Vietnam Rubber company has sold 30000 tons of natural rubber to China through border trade at the price of 10000 Vietnamese Dong (about US dollars/ton), a large increase over the same period in 2003. The company plans to produce 240000 tons of rubber in 2004

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