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The first 145MW direct air-cooled unit low-pressure cylinder zero output transformation project in Gansu Province was successfully put into operation at one time

on November 12, the low-pressure cylinder zero output transformation of unit 1 of Huating company was successfully put into operation at one time, becoming the first generator unit in Gansu Province to implement the low-pressure cylinder zero output transformation and successfully put into operation

"click the 'low pressure cylinder zero output input' button to input the low pressure cylinder zero output control mode." "All CV valves of cylinder cutting unit have been closed". On November 12, the centralized control room of Huating company was in full swing. This was the first time that the low-pressure cylinder of unit 1 was used for zero output heating for the transformation of transparent touch screen film, conductive and antistatic coatings, adhesives and inks, and self-lubricating polymer reinforced composites. In order to ensure a success, the technical team has been working hard to make the product experience interesting for many days

after repeated verification, the operator reported: "load parameters are normal", "vacuum is normal" and "all parameters are normal". Declare the success of zero output test of low pressure cylinder of unit 1 of Huating company, marking the complete success of zero output technical transformation of low pressure cylinder of the first 145MW direct air cooling unit in Gansu Province

low pressure cylinder zero output technology is also known as "cutting off low pressure cylinder steam inlet heating technology" and "cutting off cylinder heating technology biodegradable plastic onto the front stage". Its core is to retain only a small amount of cooling steam into the low pressure cylinder, realize the "zero" output 3000 rpm operation of the low pressure rotor, and let more steam enter the heating system. This technology can greatly improve the peak shaving capacity and heating capacity of the unit, realize the flexible switching of the unit without shutdown under the two different modes of pure condensing power generation and deep heating, and release space for new energy consumption, with remarkable economic, environmental protection and social benefits

it is understood that in order to ensure the smooth operation of the low-pressure cylinder at zero output this time, the technical team of Huating company has formulated a set of prudent and detailed experimental plans, carried out desktop exercises for many times, demonstrated item by item, issued several sets of emergency disposal plans such as abnormal protection logic, abnormal low load sprinkler, abnormal shaft vibration of the turbine shaft system, and studied and compiled the standard operation ticket for the zero output operation of the low-pressure cylinder, The rolling operation mode of "pre control - operation monitoring - double disk analysis" was discussed and formulated, which effectively solved some difficult problems in cylinder cutting operation

in order to further implement the new development concept, Huating company actively responded to the requirements of the national thermal power unit flexibility transformation policy, adhered to the new way of giving back to the society and sustainable development, and invested in the implementation of the zero output heating expansion transformation of the low-pressure cylinder of the unit under the very difficult situation of operation, which has made a positive contribution to better ensure the heating needs of hundreds of thousands of people in Huating city and help serve the high-quality development of local social environmental protection economy, It has produced a multi overlapping and additive effect of improving people's livelihood, protecting ecology and green development, which have a total of 9 combinations

when the low-pressure cylinder zero output heating transformation of #1 unit was put into operation this time, Liu Yuzhu, member of the Party committee and deputy general manager of Gansu energy company, Bai Xinle, director of safety director and director of safety production and environmental protection management department, and the main principals of Huating company and relevant technicians of construction and design units participated in the on-site guidance

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